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Welcome to the glorious world of Reddit. There is nothing else quite like it on the internet. If you are ever looking for more information, content, or discussion surrounding your favorite topics, websites, hobbies, and passions, Reddit is the place to go. It is a virtually endless (and constantly expanding) collection of online communities that allows you to really delve into all of your favorite things with likeminded people.

First and foremost, Reddit is a massive online community composed of hundreds of thousands of smaller subcommunities. If there is an interest in existence, there is almost certainly a subreddit dedicated to it. No matter what you are interested in – be it movies, television, politics, sports, current events, literature, you name it – you will be able to find several communities devoted to discussion, news, and inquiries surrounding it. There are subreddits that are extremely general, such as r/Movies, r/Documentaries, and today’s topic r/Music; but subreddits also get as specific as possible, with subreddits dedicated just to certain TV shows, movies, musical artists, celebrities, and streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

Why you may be wondering, would I include reviews of subreddits on StreamingSites? That’s a fair question. The reason, again, stems from Reddit’s versatility as a platform. It is much more than just a super forum message board site. It is, it turns out, also a wonderful way to learn more about streaming sites, to find new content to watch or listen to, and to discuss every and anything surrounding the sites that I review. So, for example, should you read one of my reviews on StreamingSites but still want some additional information to follow up on (or the ability to talk to people who already use the site religiously), check out that site’s subreddit would be a great way to go.

The subreddit that we will be looking at today, though, has a bit of a different purpose. R/Music is not a place for you to learn about sites that will allow you to stream music (although you may inadvertently discover a few new ones in the process), it is a subreddit dedicated, much more broadly, to music as a whole. It is not split at all into genres or types of music. People can just post whatever songs that they feel so inclined to share with the community. More often than not, the songs come in the form of YouTube videos, as this is often the easiest way for people to link to a song (not everyone has music streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, or Qobuz).

So, why should you think about joining this enormous and highly active online community of fellow music lovers? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that r/Music is an incredible way to discover new songs and artists that you may have never stumbled upon otherwise. Seeing as people from all over the world use r/Music as a means of sharing the music that they are into, there are tons of different genres, songs, bands, and artists that show up on the page. If you are ever at a loss for what to listen to, r/Music can be a never-ending well of suggestions.

Another reason to join r/Music is if you have lots of music that you feel needs to be shared with the world. Maybe there is an artist that you absolutely love and doesn’t have nearly the amount of recognition that you think he or she deserves … well, share one of their songs with the group, and help them to get some plays.

Maybe you just love discussing music with fellow music lovers. There is yet another excuse to join r/Music. In addition to finding and sharing new music with people, r/Music is a great place to go to talk about whatever songs are posted. Share stories of your experiences with a given song, maybe learn some background on how the song was made, express your opinions on the track. The possibilities for discourse are virtually limitless on r/Music.

Plus, r/Music regularly hosts AMAs. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and artists and bands will routinely come onto r/Music and, in real-time, answer any questions fans happen to have. There aren’t many online communities out there that allow you to communicate directly with your favorite bands, producers, and singers!

Are you a musician yourself? Have a band? Want a place to share some of your own music and see how it is received? Although it is not explicitly banned, I can’t imagine it would be well received for you to outright tell people a song is your own on this subreddit (there are plenty of others dedicated specifically to this); however, you can easily just post your song as if it is any song and see how people react to it. As a musician myself, I have found this to be one of the ways that I am able to get the most honest feedback. When somebody doesn’t know that they are listening to your music, they are less likely to sugarcoat their opinions.

At the end of the day, though, there are few resources that are better for diving in and discovering all sorts of new music. That is where I think that r/Music really shines … it provides you with a diverse and enormous library of songs to stream directly from Reddit. I have found countless bands and songs that I otherwise never would have found thanks to r/Music. So, it is almost a music streaming site in its own right.


r/Music, as you might expect, is not one of the newer subreddits on the site. It was created on January 25th of 2008. Which is another element of this subreddit that makes it so great. The best subreddits, in my experience, are the ones that have been around for a while. And r/Music has a good 22 years of music posts for your listening pleasure. The older the subreddit, generally speaking, the larger the community (assuming that it has remained active). And r/Music most certainly has.

The community has 23.1 million members (as of the time of this review), with a few thousand members actively online at any given time. Few subreddits have this kind of constant activity, meaning that few streaming subreddits are as useful as this one.


Although I have already kind of brought you through everything that r/Music has to offer, there are a few features of this subreddit that set it apart, make it unique, and make it easy to use. For one thing, r/Music has an array of flair that members can tag their posts with. This makes it super convenient when it comes time to try and browse this massive subreddit … simply click on one of the tags to automatically filter posts. Are you looking for just AMAs? No problem. Want to quickly find playlists or new releases, click on the tag on the right-hand side of the page to see only what you are seeking.

Another convenient feature on r/Music is the fact that they provide an easily accessible schedule of upcoming AMAs, allowing you to plan and prepare to chat with your favorite artists ahead of time. One of the biggest frustrations to AMAs, in my experience, is the fact that I never seem to know when they are taking place. By the time I see their thread, the person I wanted to talk to is long since gone, all the questions already answered. I love that on r/Music I can simply log the AMAs I am interested in into my calendar.

Suggestions that I have for r/Music

r/Music has just about everything you could want out of a high-quality streaming subreddit. The one thing, though, that maybe the moderators could do a little more of is community engagement. Some subreddits, for example, regularly host polls, fun little battles, etc. I do not see anything of the sort going on at r/Music. Although it may seem minor, I think it could be a nice touch, really getting the community involved and interacting with one another (more so than they already do, I mean).

Other than that, though, I think that r/Music is one of the best subreddits there is!

Likes & Hates:
Tons of members
Very active
Huge library of music to stream
Frequent AMAs with artists
Could have more community activities