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Video streaming has become one of the most popular content consumption methods. More than 2.8 billion people visit YouTube on a monthly basis. If you were to take into consideration the world’s most populated countries – China and India – YouTube’s monthly traffic is equivalent to its entire population. YouTube is no longer a noun, but it has become a verb. YouTube is the new way of ‘Googling it’ in a video format. So, whether you want to learn how to play guitar or you want to learn how to cook, you can do it all on YouTube.

The content consumption on YouTube is just mind-boggling. You’ll find any tutorial you need on this platform. From gaming videos to DIY house building, YouTube has it all. Consider Felix, whose channel has over 100 million subscribers. He rolls out a video every day and, on average, receives 4-5 million views each day. There are millions of creators like him operating small to medium channels that attract tons of traffic. Thus, it’s no surprise that the world’s biggest community has a subreddit of its own, wherein people want to discuss everything that’s happening on YouTube.

Today, we’ll be reviewing a cool subreddit – r/YouTube. You’ll find all types of posts and videos regarding YouTube. You can ask a question, engage in a debate, share quality content, or provide feedback to other user’s videos.

My recent experience on r/YouTube

My most recent experience on r/YouTube was quite a funny one. A user by the name of u/yajTPG posted an image where the size of high (720) resolution was less as compared to medium (360p).

As per the image, there were three options – Low (144p) – 11MB, Medium (360p) – 35MB, and High (720p) – 19MB. His question to YouTube was, ‘How does 720p take less storage than 360p?’, Yes, YouTube, how exactly does that happen? Can you shed some light?

And just when you think they’ve given you a reason to make a meme, they find a way to win your heart back. Quite recently, their heartwarming message was Pewdiepie received a lot of traction. The caption read,

“Married to @marziapie, revived your love of Minecraft, Reached 100 million subscribers on YouTube, What a month to celebrate and congratulate @PewDiePie.”

About r/YouTube – Community & Members

r/YouTube defines itself as a subreddit for meta-discussion about everything that happens on YouTube. From features, upgrades, bugs, and business decisions, you’ll find everything on this subreddit. This is not an official subreddit, and it’s not run by youtube or google employees. Though there are a few of them, they don’t have a major say on the subreddit. As far as the numbers go, r/YouTube has 414,000 members. Sure, it’s not the highest number out there, but with 1-2k members online at any given time, the overall activity does look decent.

How to access r/YouTube?

If you’re already a Reddit member, you can simply type ‘r/YouTube’ in your search bar and follow the subreddit. In case if you’re new to Reddit, you would want to sign-up on the platform and confirm your email address. By doing so, you’ll be able to follow subreddits, comment on posts, and even post anything on any of the subreddits.

Moderators of r/YouTube

Now I get that r/YouTube is not the biggest subreddit. It’s way smaller than other video and streaming-based pages such as r/videos, r/livestreamfails, and so on. However, we also need to consider that not every YouTube viewer has a Reddit account, and even if they do, they aren’t keen on technical discussions and controversies since they already are up-to-date with the stories of their favorite creators.

Having said that, there’s still a need for members to maintain decorum in a large community. Thus, moderators of r/YouTube do a great job ensuring that the posts meet the rules and guidelines. At the time of writing this review, r/YouTube had five moderators – ‘Pokechu22’, ‘FunnyMan3595’, ‘LightCodeGaming,’ ‘channelmasta,’ and ‘RevaniteAnime.’

Why should you follow r/YouTube?

R/YouTube is filled with quality content regarding accomplishments, updates, bugs, and hiatus news. The best part about this page is that the users help creators attract a lot of attention. On this thread, you’ll also find information relating to budding channels, creative direction, amazing editing, and overall mishaps. For instance, one funny post had this ‘Pinned by Creator’ comment when the channel was of some other creator. Lol. These bugs and mishaps are fun to witness.

Community Engagement

One of the most fascinating aspects of this subreddit is that you can chat with fellow members. There’s a section in the header part that encourages you to find people in r/youtube who want to chat. This is a great initiative to kill boredom in such testing times. The AI matches you with members who are in need of communication and so you’ll never be alone. The last time I checked, there were nearly 2k members that wanted to chat. As far as the engagement on post goes, a top post on any given day attracts between 250-400 upvotes.

Browsing & Navigation

Judge me if you wish, but I love YouTube controversy. However, this subreddit was way different than what I expected. Herein, people were focused on features, updates, and upgrades and not the creator’s content itself. More like a 600,000 members team just highlighting what’s wrong with YouTube. It doesn’t have too many creators related posts, but the content that’s there on this platform is for the greater good.

Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold is scarce on this page. Don’t expect to see multiple golds for any post. If you’re awarded gold on this subreddit for any post or comment, consider that to be your lucky day. Even the wittiest and funniest content gets swept under the carpet due to the sheer volume of content being posted. On average, you’ll find 2-3 golds if you were to check the top 20 posts of the month.

Filter by flair

You will find a lot of rant on this platform where users are dissenting new upgrades and changes. A couple of days ago, YouTube rolled out its update, where it shrunk the comment section size and moved it under the channel. Apparently, that triggered a lot of users. So, if you’re not into rants or controversies, unlike me, you can use the filter by flair feature. You have three options to choose from – ‘Discussion,’ ‘Question,’ and ‘Bug.’

Important rules you must know before joining r/YouTube?

Before you join the community, just make sure that you’re aware of the following rules. This will help you post content and interact, keeping in mind the community rules and guidelines.

1. Keep Discussions On-Topic

2. Keep it Civil

3. No Promotion/Feedback Requests

4. No Memes

5. Respect YouTube’s Rules


I like the simple layout, but I do feel that it needs an original Icon and a better cover image. Apart from that, the overall design seems cool. There are 3-4 ad banners, but they don’t disrupt the browsing experience. Though I’m not active on this subreddit every day, I do check it out a couple of times in a week. And when I do, I spend 15-20 minutes on this subreddit.

The overall browsing experience is cool, and video playback is quite effortless. For some reason, video playback on YouTube is x1000 times better than my experience with Twitch via Reddit. So, overall, I get to watch the content, and I can’t be happier.


5 Most Upvoted Content on this subreddit

1. YouTube Rewind 2018 is now the most disliked video in YouTube History – 36,300 upvotes

2. Youtube broken for anyone else? – 30,200 upvotes

3. This tweet hit me particularly hard. Fuck Logan Paul. – 19,300 upvotes

4. #VoxAdpocalypse has started, already several channels have been demonetized – 9,300 upvotes

5. Oof Logan Paul – 8,900 upvotes

5 Most Upvoted Content 2020

1. Exactly 15 years ago today, the first video on YouTube was uploaded – 2,200 upvotes

2. Countries are brands now I guess – 2,100 upvotes

3. Teo is currently having his channel overtaken by a company called WMG/Royal Pop Record falsely copyright claiming his videos – 2,100 upvotes

4. Thank you YouTube, very cool (Recommendation video) – 2,100 upvotes

5. My friend’s YouTube channel is going to be deleted in 2 days because of 3 false copyright strikes – 1,900 upvotes


If you’re focused on features and functionalities, you’d really like r/YouTube. Users on this thread share their views on updates, features, YouTube stories, and other milestones. It’s not for you if your interest is sole creator based. You won’t find controversies and YouTube drama on this channel. Overall, this is a cool subreddit to be a part of, especially if you want to troubleshoot problems that you’re encountering.

Likes & Hates:
Informative content
Supportive community
Filter by flair
Regular discussions
Chat feature
Not for everyone
Geared towards features and updates than creators’ content