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I’m just going to come right out and say it: Reddit might just be the most generally useful website in existence. That’s it. Time to pack up and head home, everyone, Reddit has won the internet.

Okay, maybe that’s going a bit far … but it is true that Reddit is loaded with information, riveting discussion, and an interesting social media dynamic. It works well to skim through the slush of the entire internet and only bring forth the best of the best in terms of content. Sure, Reddit may have developed a bit of a bad rep over the years as a cesspool of angsty edge lords and borderline incels, but there is no denying the fact that, at least in theory, Reddit is an incredible idea.

Especially if you have a niche interest. There is no better site to visit for the latest news, discussions, and content when it comes to any sort of specialized interest. No matter how bizarre, esoteric, or fringe your fandom, Reddit almost certainly has a thread for it. Thanks to a byzantine matrix of millions of different subreddits, there is a home for everyone here. Sure, the size of the communities will vary (rather greatly – anywhere from 1 member to hundreds of millions), but even a small community can thrive with highly active users.

And if your interests are not quite so specific, well, then you will have many extremely bustling subreddits at your disposal. Say, for instance, you like to produce hip hop music … just head over to r/makinghiphop for a constantly updated source of tools, tips, and discussions. Or, to go even more mainstream, simply r/hiphopheads will provide an even larger community of rap fans. Much like many things in life, Reddit is simply what you make of it.

One could make the argument that Reddit is the most democratic site on the web. Its simple voting system, in fact, is the crux of why Reddit is so effective at bringing forth the cream of the crop when it comes to what’s available on the internet. If somebody posts something that is truly incredible, well, that post (and that user) is incentivized through upvotes and, in some cases, special awards (which can be purchased to give out to fellow Redditors).

On the flip side of that, though, if somebody posts something that is false, misleading, hateful, or just downright stupid, that post (and user) can be downvoted to oblivion. In extreme cases, the post can be removed, and the user can be banned from a subreddit (at the discretion of the community’s moderators). Therefore, you are left with only the most favored content on Reddit. It’s a brilliant system, and it makes browsing the internet so much more pleasant.

On the note of more generalized subreddits that you can use to your advantage, r/Television is an extremely active and high-quality community for TV lovers everywhere. With just over 16 million members (and thousands online at any given time), r/Television is a constantly updated digital treasure trove of the latest TV news, discussions, speculation, and reviews. If you are in the market for a go-to TV news website, perhaps you should look no further than r/Television, as it serves as a sort of aggregator of all the best TV news content there is to be found online.


Reddit started the same way that many great websites start – by a couple of friends from college. Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian built Reddit in 2005 after attending a lecture at the University of Virginia given by programmer Paul Graham. Once Graham was done speaking, so the story goes, Huffman and Ohanian approached him and apparently impressed him thoroughly, seeing as the conversation led to Graham inviting them to apply for his incubator meant to help innovative startups, Y Combinator.

Their first idea, though, paled in comparison to Reddit. It was a service called My Mobile Menu, which would allow users to order food via SMS messaging. This, understandably, proved unsuccessful. After a few more brainstorming sessions, however, Graham pitched an idea to the duo for what he called “the front page of the internet.” And with a very generous initial round of fundraising (provided by Y Combinator), Huffman and Ohanian got to work on what would one day be the online behemoth known as Reddit. The official site launch took place in June of 2005.

After a bit of conceptual expansion and the addition of some new key players to the Reddit team, Huffman and Ohanian sold the site to the Conde Nast Media Group for a reported sum of money between $10 million and $20 million on October 26th, 2016. But Reddit wouldn’t become truly profitable until Conde Nast introduced ad space in 2009. From there, Reddit would grow to become one of the most profitable players in the dot-com market. Today, the site is estimated to be valued at over 1.8 billion dollars.


I have to admit, when I first started using the site (some 10 or more years ago), the design was a little tricky for me to get used to. I think that it is fair to say that Reddit may not have the most immediately intuitive interface of any site on the web. This is partially due to, in my opinion, the fact that Reddit, conceptually speaking, was so new and unique. The notion of subreddits was still foreign to me. That being said, though, I stuck it out, and nowadays I find Reddit to be one of the most logically designed online communities.

When you visit Reddit’s home page, you will find a few cryptic icons to choose from. Familiarize yourself with these, because they are going to be your most useful tools for browsing this gargantuan site. Reddit presents three ways to view its posts: large cards work well to show full images, “classic mode” works if you want to click into a post to see what lies therein, and “compact” mode gives the site a more traditional message board look.

And when it comes to sorting content, simply choose between having content appear in descending order by the “best” posts, hot posts, new, top, and riding. Once you have figured out how to make the most of Reddit’s toolbox, the site really opens up and the possibilities become nearly endless. And there you have it … you now know how to effectively use one of the most powerful sites on the internet. Now, feel free to dive in and join whatever communities tickle your fancy.


As soon as you join r/Television, you have one of the most comprehensive resources of TV news, discussions, and reviews at your fingertips. I should note, though, that the actual posts on r/Television will depend entirely on whatever the community’s users are in the mood to post. So, whatever fellow TV fans are thinking about at a given time is what you will find. That being said, there is a robust archive of past posts to be perused at your leisure, in case the current conversations that are taking place are not to your liking.

The majority of the posts, however, surround all of the latest in news, announcements, reviews, awards shows, castings, cancellations, debates, etc. in the TV industry. Another option, of course, if you aren’t feeling the focus of the subreddit is to simply post about what is on your mind and letting the conversation unravel from there!

Desktop and Mobile Experience

I have always found that the best way to experience Reddit, for me personally, is to do so on my phone. Reddit, after all, does have a very well-designed mobile app. This probably has something to do with the fact that users can voice their concerns with the app on its own specific subreddit. If you don’t find yourself falling in love with the official Reddit app, however, there is nothing to stress about, there are several alternate apps that allow you to browse Reddit as well. Try your luck with Beam, Glance, Alien Blue, or Nano for Reddit if you want something a little different.

But I could easily scroll the Reddit app for hours. Again, it may take some getting used to, but once you get past that initial (and short-lived) learning curve, you will be blessed with a never-ending social media feed without all of the annoying contrivances of people’s egos getting in the way of content, seeing as Reddit is somewhat anonymous.

Pricing and Plans

One of Reddit’s best attributes is that it is 100% free to use. Unless, of course, you want an enhanced experience. Reddit Premium can be purchased for only $5.99/month and it offers an ad-free experience, as well as 700 coins (to award other users) each month.

Likes & Hates:
Huge community of TV lovers
Very active
Great discussions/content
A little more guidance from mods couldn’t hurt