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Apart from the major premium players in the industry, there are many fan-supported websites as well. Today, we’ll be talking about a website called 4Anime.

What is 4Anime?

4Anime is a free streaming anime platform similar to 9anime. You don’t have to register yourself or pay any amount to access the streams. It’s free to browse. You can watch anime or cartoons of any quality you want. The most fascinating part about 4Anime is that it has secured servers and thus your data is safe with the website. On top of that, ad-free streaming allows you to stream without worrying about malvertisements.

Why should you stream on 4Anime?

4Anime in my catalog is easily amongst the top 10 anime streaming websites. And if you’re wondering why I made such a bold statement, here are a few of the many key points to support my claim.

In-depth Release Schedule

4Anime offers a complete release schedule for a week. When you click on the schedule section, you can find all the upcoming anime series and movies that are going to be available on the network. This in-depth guide works as per pacific time. Each day, there are more than 6 shows that are added to the network. At the time of writing this review – ‘Pet’, ‘Heya Camp’, ‘Phantasy Star Online’, ‘A3! Season Spring & Summer’, ‘ARP Backstage Pass’, ‘Yatogame chan Kansatsu Nikki 52’, and ‘Murenase! Seton Gakuen’ was going to air.

Great design

4Anime really does have a clean design. The dark theme followed by colorful vertical thumbnails add contrast to the website. The grey tone used in the background with flat logos and layouts really helps the website to appear distinctive. The inner pages are equally beautiful. Even when you’re on a dedicated page, you can still see the homepage thanks to the transparent background. Now that’s a cutting-edge feature that you see only on a handful of websites.

Intuitive user interface

The amazing design on the website is followed up by a clean user interface. The menus, fonts, categories and various other elements make up for a great streaming experience. The user interface is what keeps a user glued to the website. And 4Anime really gets hold of you as you’re trying to find your favorite anime. The process of finding a piece of content is seamless and even the end product is so good that you start recognizing this streaming service as a premium network.

How to access 4Anime?

You can access the website in two main ways. First is by searching for the term ‘4Anime’ in your search engine. You’ll likely find the website on the first page of the search results. Alternatively, you can use the following link to access the website directly: 4Anime.


I’m a fan of the dark themes and if you’ve been reading my reviews, you already know that by now. The dark background really helps the various elements on the website to be highlighted. For an anime site, it’s crucial that the major emphasis goes onto the thumbnails and a dark background helps in achieving that goal. Having shared that piece of insight with you, let’s check out the design approach on various sections of this website.


The header section is simple yet attractive. It has a dark background with white text. There are four main options – Browse, Random, Genre, and Schedule on the left. A search bar towards the right followed by the discord icon and the login panel. Thus far, this has been one of the most well-designed header sections out there.

Hero Section

The hero section doesn’t have a banner as we saw on AnimeLab. It starts with the thumbnails directly. There are eight vertical banners in each row. And the homepage just has two sections: ‘Recently Added’, and ‘Popular This Week’. There are seven options along with a slider button. You can click on it to check out other banners.


The body section ideally has vertical banners on the other websites, however, that’s not the case on 4Anime. It just has a supporting text followed by the ‘Random’ button. That button can be used to get a random recommendation from the website as to which anime series should you watch. If you’re confused and undecided about what to watch, this tiny addition comes as a huge help.


The footer section on the website has seven options on the left – News, FAQ, Reddit, Donate, Privacy, Password, Hall of Fame. Towards the right, you have two options – Random and A&M.

Inner Pages

The inner pages turn out to be the most beautifully designed pages on the website. The perfect amount of transparency allows you to see the homepage in the background. That’s quite a unique concept. Each inner page comes with a thumbnail, title, genre, synopsis, list of episodes. Other than that, you have the option of bookmarking and changing the color if you’ve watched a particular series.


4Anime provides you a massive content library of over 2000+ anime series. You can watch the majority of the content in SD and HD quality without any buffering. The in-depth content library allows you to watch classic anime series such as ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘Pokemon’, ‘Death Note’, ‘One Piece’, and ‘Naruto Shippuden’. You can also catch the latest ongoing series such as ‘Boku No Hero Academia’, ‘Kimetsu No Yaiba’, ‘Darwin’s Game’, and ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed 4Anime on my Surface Pro and my Pixel 4 and I have to say that it was one of the best free streaming experiences I’ve ever had. No stream hiccups, intrusive ads or annoying pop-ups. Just pure streaming bliss. The video player and that particular streaming page are designed so well. Just under the player, you have a list of all the episodes from that series. Above the list, you also have four different options – Report, Focus, Download, and Resize. If you want to watch the episode offline, you can go ahead and use the download feature.

4Anime actually allows you to play with the settings. These include changing the color of the watched episodes, hiding the video player controller, changing from widgets to JW Player, hiding episodes list from beneath the player, and showing Disqus comments after loads. All these tiny tweaking options make the streaming experience much sweeter. Such a customization option really helps establish this streaming site as one of the best in the anime world.

Suggestions I have for 4Anime

I’d love for the developers to add 4-5 banners in the hero section and push the thumbnails and content part in the body section. As of now, it lacks homepage banners and a proper body section which are the only aspects keeping it away from a 5-star website.


As an anime lover, you simply cannot afford to sleep on this gold mine. Don’t just stream on this website but even support the developers because they have done a terrific job with the website. The overall design, intuitive interface and streaming capabilities make 4Anime the best free anime streaming service out there.

Likes & Hates:
Amazing Content Library
Great Customization Capabilities
Terrific Streaming
Ad-free experience
Backed by the community
Lacks a proper body section