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The rise of anime can be largely accredited to the creation of manga. Manga has completely transformed the animation industry. In the last few decades, anime series and manga have taken the center stage in animation centric entertainment which has garnered worldwide acclamation. Such is the competition between different content that there’s a tug of war between the leading streaming giants to land a deal.

What is VIZ Media?

VIZ Media is one of the most beloved platforms accessed by users from around the world. It has one of the top manga apps wherein you can watch all the latest shows as well as participate in the fan interaction sessions. Apart from its digital prowess, VIZ Media is known for its comics, magazines, and other BTL deliverables.

The integrated library offered by VIZ Media ensures that everything you purchase from the network is in sync. It goes into your personal library. You can access the content at any given time. Overall, you get the finest anime, manga and global entertainment options as an English-speaking viewer from around the world.


VIZ Media LLC is a manga publisher, anime distributor and a comprehensive entertainment content provider based in San Francisco. VIZ started its journey back in the year 1986. In the year 2005, VIZ merged with ShoPro entertainment which led to the formation of VIZ Media LLC which earlier was known as VIZ LLC. In 2017, VIZ Media became the US’s largest publisher of comic books and graphic novels which accounts for 23% of the total market share.

Why should you stream on VIZ?

VIZ is truly a megalodon in the anime ocean. It has a widespread presence across the United States and an amazing fanbase. Naturally, all of it is the result of a great offline and online presence. Today, we’ll be discussing why VIZ’s online streaming platform sets it apart from the competitors.

Amazing website design

Most of the anime and manga websites are out of touch. They’re flimsy and still look as if the developers forgot to update them since the mid-2000s. However, that’s not the case with VIZ Media. The moment you visit the website, you’ll fall in love with the banners, menus, color combination and the overall functionality that the website has to offer.

Great Content Depth

As one of the largest anime and manga streaming service providers, there’s no doubt that VIZ Media owns rights to some of the most popular anime series ever created. Apart from Pokemon, Naruto, and Demon Slayer, you can also find the legendary Dragon Ball Z and One Punch Man. You have a wide range of genres to choose from and thus it’s fair to say that there’s no dearth of content on this website.

Large Community

VIZ Media is an official service provider and thus it has a massive community. Users who prefer watching anime in a lawful way tend to benefit from the services offered by VIZ. You get access to premium content along with exclusive scoops that you wouldn’t find anywhere. If you’re into dubbed content, you won’t be able to find a platform that offers an anime experience equivalent to that of VIZ Media.

Well-designed app

The dedicated VIZ Manga app is a must-have for anime and manga lovers. People who love to read absolutely love this app. Though it had a rocky start, it’s started to gain user’s confidence through innovative changes via frequent updates. The well-designed app matches the high caliber set by the website and doesn’t fail to live up to the user expectation.

Great streaming quality

With most of the premium services, streaming quality is never in doubt. If free anime websites are able to provide such quality content, imagine what you’d get on a premium website. The streaming quality is truly sublime and the compatibility enhances the overall streaming experience.

How to access VIZ?

You can access VIZ in two simple ways – First, you can search for the term ‘Viz Media’ in your search engine and you’ll probably find the website at the top of your search results. An alternate way to access the website is by using the following link: VIZ. When accessing the website, make sure that you use an active VPN to protect you from hackers.


I was drooling over the website for a good five minutes. I was shell shocked seeing the website as I didn’t expect any anime or manga related website to have such an amazing interface that manages to look professional and attractive at the same time. I used to feel that professional websites with modern layout don’t necessarily fit the vibe but there’s no shame in admitting I was wrong.


There are three different headers. The primary header has a login panel, Favorites, My Library, and a search bar. Above that header, you have a list of favorite shows such as My Hero Academia, Boruto, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Pokemon, and One Punch Man. Under the primary header, you have five options – Read, Watch, Shonen Jump, Community, and Calendar.

Hero Section

The hero section of the website has an amazing Demon Slayer banner. I really love the animated effect on the banner. This is what gives it the colorful anime feel and still manages to look professional. Throughout the website, you’ll find different artwork, animations, and elements from various anime series.


The body section on the website starts with the ‘Hot Viz releases’. Under each heading, you’ll find four Mangas. At the time of writing this review, ‘My Hero Academia, Vol.23’, ‘Transformers: The Manga’, ‘Demon Slayer’, and ‘Vampire Knight’ were among the best selling albums. Upon scrolling further, you’ll find the Shonen Jump section followed by the top series on the network. For physical imprints, you can choose from a massive catalog of artwork.


I absolutely love the footer as much as any other section on the website. Right above the footer section, you have the sign-up blurb where you can enter your email to stay up-to-date with what’s happening on the website. As for the footer section, you have key navigation buttons towards the left and crucial information towards the right.

Inner Pages

The inner pages carry the same intricate design as seen on the homepages. You can access an inner page by clicking on the various options on the homepage. For each anime series, you have a dedicated banner that is extremely well-designed.


VIZ Media has been a hub over the years, boasting classic anime series such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball, One-Punch Man, Tokyo Ghoul, and Naruto. You get to watch a wide variety of content from different genres such as action, fantasy, romance, mystery, and adventure to name a few.

VIZ’s success is visible through the numerous awards it received for its critically acclaimed originals, graphic novels, and books. Apart from translating and dubbing those popular shows, VIZ’s own products have won prestigious awards such as Hugo, YALSA, and Eisner for digital and print editions. Their Weekly Shonen Jump is considered to be the most popular magazine around the globe.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I first accessed the website to check out VIZ’s premier catalog of manga and anime. Not only was I intrigued by what I saw, but I also ended up collecting Blu-ray and DVDs from local retailers. All my life, it has never happened that I’ve been convinced about buying a product from a brand’s website. Such is the impact of the beautifully crafted website.

Other than collectibles, I even streamed on the network and I’m pretty impressed with what I saw on the website. I had high expectations and the website certainly didn’t disappoint. Other than the streams, I really loved the preview feature on manga as you get an opportunity to catch a glimpse before spending on a particular manga.

Suggestions I have for VIZ

I really love the website, the app and all the physical collectibles. However, I’d love for the developers to offer certain content for free. That will entice the end user to register and make use of the free content. I believe that this platform has enough meat to convince the end-user and thus providing free content will be a win-win situation.


VIZ is the ultimate anime streaming platform for you. If you’re not into anime and just like reading manga, you can still make the most of this website.

Likes & Hates:
Brilliant website design
Exclusive Content
Popular Content
Massive user base
Dedicated Manga App
No-free offering