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Anime is no longer a niche market like it was a couple of decades ago. You’ll find anime made available on the leading premium streaming service. The ever-expanding demand for Japanese animation means every network wants a piece of the pie. The booming anime industry witnesses the creation of 1000+ anime a year. Most of them aren’t even fortunate enough to go mainstream. Nonetheless, each anime has a captivating storyline that resonates with different demographics.

Whether you want to start your anime journey or you’re looking to catch up on the popular shows, you’ll find dozens of websites with the best animes. I remember that I didn’t initially start watching Death Note when it first aired. My friends recommended it to me time and time again and finally, after constant badgering, I decided to give it a try. Since then, I have been glued to animes and have become an ardent follower of any anime series that captures early traction.

One of the many websites that helps me stream anime content live is the AniWatcher. It is amongst my favorite websites out there that helps me get a premium experience for free. I started watching Death Note on this particular website and even finished it on the same platform.

What is AniWatcher?

AniWatcher is a free anime streaming site that allows users to watch their favorite, latest and the most trending anime series. This website is updated regularly and you’ll find all the episodes not just from popular but even niche anime series. AniWatcher is an alternative to premium services such as Crunchyroll which works on the all-you-can-watch model. Sites like this allow users to watch their favorite episodes in the best possible quality.

Why should you stream on AniWatcher?

AniWatcher is right there in the upper echelon of anime streaming platforms. With fancy design and great content prowess, AniWatcher has been able to gather momentum in a short period. There is more than one reason you should stream on this platform, and I’m going to share a few of them with you.

Extensive Content Library

Like any popular anime website, AniWatcher allows you to watch a diverse range of content on the platform. Its extensive content library boasts of ongoing series, newly added content, recommendations, movies, and cartoons. You can find over 2000 anime series on this platform if you check the Anime List section.

Great Streaming Quality

AniWatcher backs its content prowess with great streaming capabilities. A viewer gets to choose between different stream qualities. Based on your internet speed, you can choose the quality between 480p to 1080p. This ensures that every viewer gets to watch the content regardless of their network strength. As mentioned earlier, my streaming experience on this platform has been nothing short of exceptional.

Minimal Ad Experience

Little efforts taken by the developers contribute towards the greater good. With zero advertisements on the homepage, every user can browse and navigate through the website without any hassle. The minimal ad experience does much more than just protecting the users from malware and intrusive ads. It elevates the entire streaming experience.

Viewing Options

I like the diversity offered on the website. For each show, you can choose between the subbed or the dubbed version. Most of the popular anime series is also available in the dubbed version. Apart from these options, you also get 4-5 links for each title. So if you’re watching Naruto Shippuden Epi 188 and the original link doesn’t work, you can check the alternatives ones. Based on my experience, I’ve never left AniWatcher feeling disappointed.

Community Interaction

The best part about AniWatcher is that you get to read what other people think of the show. Not that it should matter a lot but many of the times it can prevent you from wasting your precious hours. Through community interaction that takes place in the comment section, you can easily make out the general consensus of the viewers towards a particular show.

How to access AniWatcher?

Accessing AniWatcher is not much of a task. You can do so in two simple ways. 1. Search for the term ‘AniWatcher’ in your search engine and you’ll probably find the website on the first page itself. 2. Use the following link: AniWatcher to access the streaming service directly. Before using any of the following methods just make sure that you have an active VPN as it will help you browse and stream anonymously. How does that help? It protects your identity and your device from hackers and con artists.


AniWatcher has quite a fancy design. And I don’t blame them. That’s what most of the anime lovers like me want. A well-designed colorful website that lights up my mood. The dark grey background followed by the orange text and menus really helps the headlines and important categories to stand out.


In the header section of the website, you can find a search bar towards the right. On the left, you can find ten different options – Home, Random, Anime List, Ongoing Series, Newly Added, Recommendation, Aot5, Movies/OVA, Cartoon List, and FAQs. That’s pretty much what you expect from the header section on an anime website.

Hero Section

I don’t understand how the hero section looks cluttered yet cool at the same time. There’s just too much happening, just as you land on the page. Still, you kind of like the way the content has been placed. There are four squared thumbnails in each row. Towards the right, you can find native blog ads and under the ads, you can find the ‘Ongoing Series’ section which has a vertical list of all the shows available with subtitles.


The body section continues the good work seen in the hero section. Herein, the sections get diversified. First, you’ll find the ‘Latest Ongoing Episodes’ section. Towards the right you have different sorting categories such as ‘Subbed’, ‘Dubbed’, ‘Cartoon’, ‘Movie/OVA’, ‘All’. Except all, if you click on any of the options, you’ll only find content related to that category. Under ‘Latest Ongoing’ Episodes, you’ll find ‘Trending Manga Updates’, and the ‘Latest Manga Updates’.


The footer section has five different clickable options – ‘Terms of Use’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Legal Disclaimer’, ‘Facebook’, and ‘@AniWatcherCom’. Above these options, you can find quick links to popular and upcoming content. I really love the footer section mainly because of its navigation maneuverability.

Inner Pages

The inner pages on this website are as impressive as the homepage. There are titles at the top followed by a vertical thumbnail on the left. Towards the right, you have details such as Alternative Title, Related Anime, Genres, Episodes, Status, and Airing Date. Under the main banner, you’ll find third-party native ads and under that, you’ll find the video player.


AniWatcher being a top anime streaming website has no dearth of content. You can find content from a wide range of niches such as Action, Adventure, Bishoujo, Bishounen, Comedy, Cooking, Demons, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Game, Gender bender, Historical, Horror, Music, Mystery, Parody, Shounen, Romance, Shoujo, Sci-Fi, Space, Sports, Supernatural, Thriller, Vampires, Tragedy, and Yuri among many others. There are more than 2000+ anime series on this streaming site which you can watch for free.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed the Death Note series on AniWatcher. Throughout the one 3 day viewing period, I was constantly switching between my laptop and my mobile phone. I have to say that my experience with both devices was great. However, I loved the 25 episodes that I watched on my laptop because it helped me control ads better. With mobile experience, you get equal if not better streaming experience but dealing with ads is slightly tougher.

Suggestions I have for AniWatcher

I appreciate the efforts that the developers have put in designing this website. It looks really cool and does have great content and streaming prowess. However, I’d love for the developers to work on the misclicks. Every time I click a stream, it redirects me to a new page and I’ve to close that page to click again. It’s with the second click that the stream actually starts working.


If you’re an anime lover, chances are that you’re well-versed with this website. On the contrary, if you just got infected by the anime binge watching virus, you’ll fall in love with this website over time. With great content depth, streaming capabilities and minimal ad-experience, AniWatcher is an anime streaming site that you can certainly bookmark.

Likes & Hates:
Extensive Content Library
Great Viewing Experience
Manual quality adjustment
Community Interaction
Frequent misclicks before the stream
Not Ad-free