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GogoAnime is an anime streaming website. Its goal is to bring content to anime fans and provide a community for fans to share their thoughts. The website is devoted to fostering a love for anime. The only opportunity to post comments is to post them on the videos themselves.

There is not much information about the history of the website. The about us section primarily tells viewers the goal of the site. GogoAnime is on social media but leaves a light footprint. The Facebook page does not have very many posts. The Twitter page is hard to track down and is empty of posts.

Website Design

I am somewhat impressed with the website design of GogoAnime. There are a million advertisements. However, despite the ads, the site delivers a very cutesy vibe. The color scheme is night mode.

There are quite a few chibi characters hidden around the website. There is a chibi Naruto on the home page sitting above a menu. An unfortunate issue I noticed is that their social media links are broken. I searched them on multiple platforms but did not find much.

The logo is memorable. It is a stylized orange text of Gogo Anime TV. The orange color compliments the night mode theme well. It pops against the dark background and makes reading text and easier.

The menus are designed well. It is easy to navigate on the page. The organization the website uses is perfect. There are tons of categories that have multiple sub-selections.


The main focus of GogoAnime is anime. There are countless shows available for streaming. The organization GogoAnime provides viewers is amazing. The main menu is Home, Anime List, New Season, Movies, and Popular.

The home page features the most recent releases in dubbed. Initially, in the right column, there are advertisements. Further down the page on the right, there are Ongoing Series subsections and Genre subsections. In the middle of the home page are the Recently Added Series.

Some genres that are worth mentioning include the popular shonen, shoujo, and slice of life. There are countless series on the website. Some titles available in the shonen genre include Fairy Tail, Pokemon, and Boku no Hero Academia. There are a couple of episodes missing here and there, but most series are complete.

The Anime List on the main menu includes every show the website hosts. The shows are organized in alphabetical order. There are 5 full pages of approximately 140 titles. GogoAnime hosts close to one thousand titles. With such an impressive library it is easy to choose a great show.

The website hosts both dubbed and subtitled versions of popular animes. There are a lot of subtitled shows on the website, but they feature recently released dubs on the home page, so they are easy to find. The video and audio quality of both versions are wonderful, either way.

Desktop & Mobile Accessibility

The desktop version of GogoAnime is pretty good. There are a few hiccups that aren’t great. Overall, the stream qualities are amazing. The load times are good. Audio is also impeccable. The layout of the website is easy to look at for multiple hours at a time. The night mode color scheme gives the website a youthful and hip aesthetic.

The mobile browser version of this website is a scaled-down version. It is almost exactly the same. The font is slightly too small, but not unbearable. The ads are slightly more overwhelming on the phone. I would suggest using the desktop browser, if at all possible. Unfortunately, there are no mobile applications for GogoAnime.


There are quite a few positive features of GogoAnime. The organization the website uses is one of the best things about it. It is incredibly easy to find specific shows and browse new ones, as well. The main menu and other categories are easy to find in the layout of the website.

The search function is another great resource on GogoAnime. The search functions well and is easy to find. Not only does the search bring up the title you search for, but it also brings up titles with related keywords.

GogoAnime hosts subtitled and dubbed versions of shows. There are usually more subtitles, but there are plenty of dubs for popular shows. GogoAnime does a great job of highlighting the dubs on the home page. There is also a sub-genre of dubbed on the website to filter all of the English shows. There is also a good selection of movies too.

One of the best features of GogoAnime is the quality of the streams. The video quality is amazing, right out of the gate. This site needs next to no time to buffer or load. The audio quality is also very good. The speed of the load time is spectacular. There are also no commercials that interrupt the stream, which is a big plus in my book.

The comment feature on the videos is a great way to encourage fans to connect. The option to participate in conversations with like-minded fans is a cool feature. Discussing episodes on the specific episode is also a great way to avoid spoilers.

The overall aesthetic of the website is great. The color scheme paired with the layout is a great combination. The little chibi anime characters are my favorite part of the site.


Although there are many positives about GogoAnime, there are quite a few negatives too. One of the more noticeable problems is pop-ups. They are everywhere and very persistent. When you click the search bar, home page, or any menu function, it will open a new window entirely. There may be an app of some sort to block the ads. There are ad-blocking technologies out there that could help, but measures like this should not be necessary to navigate the website.

The About Us section of the site is underwhelming and only provides a couple sentences. I wanted to find more information so I tried social media. GogoAnime has media links in the top right-hand corner of their website. I assumed they would work and tried to track them down on Facebook and Twitter to find more information, but the links were dead. I tracked them on their social media by searching them but found nothing of interest. Both of their profiles were empty.

One final negative about GogoAnime for me was the lack of community. In the two about us sentences they did manage to write, they claimed to be a community for anime fans. Other than comments, there is no way of communicating on the site. I was expecting a forum at the very least but was disappointed. There are no forums, apps, or any other means to communicate other than the comment sections.

Improvements Needed

There are a few improvements GogoAnime could implement to cater to their viewers. An awesome improvement would be developing an app to watch the streams on mobile. It could also make communicating easier on mobile.

The pop-ups on this website are out of control. Even cutting back on them slightly would make a huge difference in viewer experience. The actual advertisements in the sidebars on the website are not bad at all, but the pop-ups are a real issue.

Finally, I think community features could be better. Instead of limiting contact with comments on episodes, a forum might be the solution. Forums could provide a central location for fan chat. This feature would also drive extra traffic to the website.


Overall, GogoAnime is an okay website. It provides an extensive library of popular and obscure titles in multiple languages. There are over 1000 titles available. The navigation and layout are nice. The vibe of the site is youthful and it gives off a hip appearance.

On the other hand, there are a ridiculous number of pop-ups. The mobile browser version is not great. The community side of the website could use improvements, as well.

Likes & Hates:
Desktop navigation is easy
The media library is large
The aesthetic of the website is youthful and hip
The video and audio quality of the streams are phenomenal
The chibi characters are a cute addition
The mobile browser is not great
The number of pop-ups is unbearable
There are very limited ways to interact with the community
There is little known about the website’s history