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The moment you type in a search bar “stream online movies free,” 123-Movies is one of the websites you’ll find within the first few pages on Google – which highlights the popularity of this streaming service. Sure, there are many others, such as Putlocker and FlixTor, but 123-Movies has its own fanbase. It is known throughout the world for its streaming and downloading prowess. But before we begin, I’d like to clarify that 123-Movies is different from Movies123, do not confuse these for the same site.

The craze for free streaming

Though many people can afford to buy a legal subscription, they still love to watch movies for free. There’s a certain level of a dopamine hit, I guess, in getting to watch the content without having to shell a single dollar. The reason why a majority of the people are inclined to such free streaming websites is that they get access to any type of content – Movies, TV Shows, or Cartoons from anywhere around the world. All you need is a decent internet connection – preferably Wi-Fi and possibly a VPN.

123-Movies doesn’t require you to sign-in and force pop-up in your face. You can stream any content you want without having to sign-in. And that’s the beauty about it. 90% of the streaming websites have annoying ad prompts forcing you to sign-up, but that’s the not case with this website. Sure, there are ads on the website, and while you’re streaming, but there’s no forceful pop-up that you can’t cancel.

How does 123-Movies work?

123-Movies is a great platform for streaming content online. You can watch popular movies and videos from around the web. On this site, you can find content from major studios such as Fox, Sky, Disney, WB, to name a few. You can also stream content that is available on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix. In addition, you can even find DVD ripped content on such sites. There are millions of movies and TV show titles to choose from.

Is 123-Movies legal?

Though 123-Movies does have a massive collection of movies, it doesn’t host any of the content on its site. Thus, it’s like a registry or a search engine, where you can find all the titles. Thus, streaming online may not be a problem, but the moment you decide to download it via torrent, that’s when it becomes illegal.

Many people have questions as to whether it’s safe to stream such sites. The answer is Yes and No. All you need to make sure is to not click on any ads willingly and do not give up any details about yourself. So, if you come across some ‘’stuff enlargement ads’’, just ignore it or cut it, don’t click it, and register yourself because that might leave you exposed to some malware.


123-Movies, similar to other top free movie streaming websites, had a rough patch in 2017. After disputes, 123-Movies rebranded itself to GoMovies. However, it didn’t take long before they returned as 123-Movies. There are cloned sites, and many of them are known to host malware and viruses.


123Movies’ interface is quite similar to FlixTor’s interface. There’s a teal color combination across the website with a light blue background. As soon as you visit the homepage, you can see that the publisher is hungry because you can see native blog advertisements right under the header.

Nonetheless, that’s not a huge problem as everything that matters is either below or above that. In the head section, you will find options such as Movies, Movies 2019, TV-Series, New Episodes, Genres, Year, Country, Stars, and Directors – An entire diversification listed in category format.

Use the categories and search bar

You no longer need to sort the content; it’s already done through the categories. Now, if you try clicking on the tab, you’ll get a list of recommendations in each section. Thus, if you click on Movies 2019, you’ll get more than a dozen options comprising of the best movies of 2019. Aesthetically, it has to be one of the simplest websites you’ll find.

Don’t click on the homepage button

If, for some reason, you have trouble finding the title, you must find the content via the search bar in the header section, and you can scroll down and try searching in the main bar too. However, refrain yourself from clicking the homepage button, because you’re already on the homepage so that will just take you to another advertisement page.

Genre tab is really handy

With 123-Movies, you can stream content by genres. This is one of the features which you generally find on a premium website. Thus, when I saw this feature on this platform, I was overwhelmed by the developer’s efforts.


At 123-Movies, you can stream over a million movies. The best part about streaming on these free online streaming websites is that you don’t have to wait until the movie becomes available. You can find the latest movies and TV series right after they are released.

Blockbuster Movie titles

There’s no dearth of content on 123-Movies, and that can be seen through its sub-categories. If you hover over Movies 2019, you get titles such as ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,’ ‘Joker,’ ‘Ford v. Ferrari,’ ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,’ ‘Terminator: Dark Fate,’ ‘Rambo: Last Blood,’ ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,’ ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ and the ‘Lion King’ to name a few.

Variety of Genres

Under Genres, you can choose from 18 genres including ‘Action,’ ‘Adventure,’ ‘Animation,’ ‘Comedy,’ ‘Crime,’ ‘Documentary,’ ‘Drama,’ ‘Family,’ ‘Fantasy,’ ‘Horror,’ ‘History,’ ‘Romance,’ ‘Music,’ ‘Thriller,’ ‘War,’ ‘Mystery’ and ‘Science Fiction,’ and ‘Western.’

Hit TV-Series

Under TV series, you can find shows such as ‘Chernobyl,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ ‘Family Guy,’ ‘GOT,’ ‘Greys Anatomy,’ ‘Power,’ ‘Rick and Morty,’ ‘Silicon Valley,’ ‘Snowfall,’ ‘Suits,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Riverdale,’’ South Park,’ and ‘The Walking Dead.’

Here’s why the streaming content of 123-Movies is risky

123-Movies doesn’t have any pirated material. It simply hosts the content collected through various pages on the internet. It doesn’t allow a user to upload the content. In western countries, even facilitating piracy is a huge crime. Thus, you’ll see that most of these streaming companies have a base in third world countries where piracy isn’t considered to be a big deal i.e., countries that don’t have strict laws against piracy.

Just because it isn’t considered to be a big deal doesn’t mean it’s right. Using the third world countries, the site owners are able to run simultaneous sites, and thus, when one goes down, they can quickly switch over to the other.

Desktop/Mobile experience

When it comes to free online streaming, users prefer desktop as much as they prefer mobile, which requires these websites to have a responsive design. Each page, be it a homepage or an inner page, has to be well optimized to ensure that the user has the best experience. But let’s get real. Almost every publisher’s primary goal is to make money off ads. So, regardless of how good a streaming service claims to be, you’ll witness a tornado of ads before, during, and after the stream, which you’ll have to skip cleverly as it might carry malware.

Don’t take malvertising lightly

Malvertising is real and since most of these websites make money via display ads, there’s a considerable amount of risk in them. Security threat such as malvertising takes its toll where hackers inject malicious code in the visitor’s websites. Thus, even though 123-Movies doesn’t intend to harm you in any way, you might end up hurting yourself by clicking on the ads. If that’s not enough, most websites try to redirect you to malicious sites, which can totally ruin your device.

123-Movies App

Such is the popularity of this website that there are many pages dedicated to the movies app. I haven’t tried it because I can’t risk my device. However, I’ve read reviews that there’s no problem with the app and using the app, and you can stream the content right from your television or tablet via Roku or Kodi. That’s a tempting affair but still not convincing. A lot of it is due to my reluctance towards the fake apps and malware.

Suggestions I have for 123-Movies

I like what 123-Movies is offering. If they could just reduce the number of ads and make streaming safer, that’d make the website even more amazing. Apart from the general built-in player, it’d be great if it supported other players such as VLC.


I wouldn’t advise you to stream content on 123-Movies unless you use a VPN. I don’t think it’s worth risking your device by neglecting VPN. I mean, sure the legal and premium services would never offer value for money, but you should know what you’re risking with these free streaming service websites.

Likes & Hates:
Simple interface
Expansive content library
Great diversification of content
Too many ads
Redirecting makes it unsafe