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EPCTV is one of those streaming services which I had no idea about. One of my colleagues recommended this site primarily for entertainment channels. One fine evening, I logged on and checked the site, and trust me it was one of the best recommendations I had got in recent times. Everything from the interface to the video streaming capabilities seemed to catch me by surprise. With hundreds of channels, you can watch a live stream from anywhere in the world. EPCTV, as opposed to other IPTV websites, is also freeware along with being an Internet TV platform that allows you stream content for free.

The platform keeps adding channels every fortnight and you can even find some niche regional channels from countries such as Iran, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, and India. You can find a wide range of TV channels which cover diverse content niches such as music, news, entertainment, infotainment, and documentaries. At the time of reviewing this website, I remember being in India. And so, I couldn’t access this website on Google. Thus, I had used a VPN to access it. If you’re in a country where you can’t access EPCTV, make sure you use a VPN.

What is EPCTV?

EPCTV is an IPTV website that has hundreds of live tv and entertainment channels that users can watch for free. EPCTV is filled with different types of content and regardless of your television taste, you’ll find something for yourself. EPCTV similar to Squid TV and FreeInter TV has a vast directory of content which is more than capable of allowing you to replace your Cable TV or Satellite TV network.

Expansive Content library

EPCTV though it doesn’t allow users to add channels still has a massive catalog of content. There are hundreds of channels from various niches. Most of the content is Live TV which is updated on a regular basis. Apart from that, you can even access regional content from remote parts of the world. There are channels on this network that you might not even find via paid subscription and that’s something which makes EPCTV’s library amazing.

Popular TV Channels

While providing free-to-air channels to the viewers is not a big deal, that’s not the reason why the viewers turn in. Most people without cable or satellite tv want to watch content on popular tv channels. EPCTV provides you top channels in each category. For instance, if you want to watch movies, you have AMC, HBO, TNT, The CW. If you want to watch Sports, you can access ESPN, NBA TV, ESPN2, and Ten Sports. Similarly, if you want to watch the news or listen to music, there are over dozens of channels in each category.

Amazing User Interface

EPCTV is one of the few websites where I actually appreciate a straightforward approach. There are no banners in the hero section and nothing colorful happening. Still, the design and content placement feel right. Even if it lacks visual appeal, it makes up for it with its amazing user interface which offers great functionality.

Downloadable app

Since EPCTV is also available as a freeware, you can download the app on your desktop or any other device to stream online. Though freeware and downloading the apps on the desktop aren’t in trend anymore, they offer much more functionality freedom as opposed to just streaming. If you have space on your device, I’d recommend you download the app and stream in it rather than visiting the website.

Video playing options

To play EPCTV, you can use different players. Apart from its standard player, you can access the content via RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. However, those aren’t the only two ways, even if you have a VLC player, that would work fine. Apart from the different players, you have multiple options of streams when streaming live. All of which do a great job of maximizing your user experience.

How to access EPCTV?

You can access EPCTV in more than one way. You can either search for the term EPCTV in your search engine or you can use the following link: EPCTV. When accessing EPCTV, make sure that you have an active VPN, especially when browsing from a third-world country. A VPN will protect you not just from malvertisements but regulatory authorities and hackers as well.


As mentioned earlier, EPCTV is one of the few websites which has a minimal approach but still manages to win hearts. There are no slider banners or fancy elements on the homepage, yet its simplicity speaks volumes. EPCTV no-nonsense approach makes the website extremely user-friendly and persuades them to stay on the website for a longer period.


At the top, you’ll find the name EPCTV supported by the text ‘Watch Internet TV on PC’. On the right, you have a search bar. Under the main header, you’ll find nine different options – General, Music, News, Educational, Kids, Sports, Entertainment, Movies, and Sort By Country. Everything that’s below these options falls in the hero section.

Hero Section

In the Hero Section, the first thing that catches your attention is the search by Country or search by TV option. Unlike OK Live TV, you actually have an alternate way to search content. Under that, you can find a list of popular TV channels followed by New TV channels which have been recently added. If you move towards the right, there are six categories – Movies, Sports, News, Entertainment, Kids and Music each one of them featuring five top channels.


The body section continues featuring content that you saw in the hero section. The only difference being the categories. Under the body section, you’ll find Kids TV, Music TV, Education TV and General TV. Towards the left, you’ll find some top channels such as Bravo, Bet, BBC One, Disney XD, Colors, and NBC Sports.


EPCTV footer is quite simple. There are eleven options – Home, Download, Purchase, Contact, FAQ, Online TV, Online Radios, Links, Affiliate, terms and Privacy Policy, and TV Online Live.

Inner Pages

The inner pages start with the same options in the header section and the content search menu. However, towards the right, you can find an actual player with up to 6 streaming links for a particular channel. There’s a chatbox on the left and you can chat without needing to sign up for the service. Under the chatbox, you have a list of Popular & New channels.


EPCTV is filled with quality channels. Thus, it’s easy to say that once you’re on the platform, you’re not going to miss your cable to satellite tv connection. Content is divided into different categories – General, Music, News, Education, Kids, Sports, Entertainment, and movies. You can even sort the content by country. Let’s check out some of the top channels in each category.

Popular TV Channels: ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, Disney Channel, NBC, CCTV-5, NBC, MTV, Fox News, REN TV, TNT Movies and CBS.

New TV Channels: Russia Today, Sky News, ITVBe, BBC One, London TV, C-Span 1 News, WABI TV, Fashion Channel, Disney XD, Bravo, PTV Sports, DD

National, Colors, BET and NBC Sports.

Movies TV: TNT Movies, The CW, HBO Movies, AMC and Free Movie

Sports TV: ESPN, NBA, CCTV-9, ESPN 2 and Ten Sports

News TV: MSNBC, NBC, Fox News, BBC World News, and CNN

Entertainment News: ITV1, USA Network, SAB TV, Showtime, Comedy Central.

Kids TV: Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Tom and Jerry, and Nick Junior.

Music TV: MTV, VH1, Mega TV, MTV Dance, and Planeta

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed EPCTV on my Dell laptop and my iPhone XR. I had a great streaming experience on both devices. The website was mobile friendly and thus everything was super smooth. Initially, I had certain issues regarding misclicks but within a few attempts, I was able to wrap my head around it. The different streaming links allow you to watch content without missing a beat. Thus, if one stream is not working, you always have a second option right next to it.

Suggestions I have for EPCTV

I really like EPCTV as a streaming platform. The only regret I have is not knowing about the channel earlier. Nonetheless, if there were a few things I would like to change, I’d probably improve the inner page and video player layout and add a synopsis for every channel.


First, I’d like to thank my colleague who recommended EPCTV to me. Second, if suggestions influence you, then trust me EPCTV is something you should totally check out. You won’t regret it one bit.

Likes & Hates:
Expansive Content Library
Great User Interface
Downloadable App
Different Video Playing Options
More channels can be added
Premium service with no add-ons except for free content & support