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No doubt our love story with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon will run into 2020 with even high expectations and standards. It’s easy to say that we’ve been spoilt of choices. The rise of streaming services has highlighted the need for quality TV and creativity is not just movies, but every form of content creation.


You’re here to learn about FlixTor – a website well-known for delivering high-quality content including movies and TV Shows for free.

Minimal Ad-Experience

I have to admit that FlixTor is different from every other service out there. Anyone who streams on the site would know that Ads are a holy grail on these streaming sites. Mistimed clicks, millions of pop-ups and poor interface sums up 90% of such streaming sites. However, that’s not the case with FlixTor. It’s not bombarded with ads and irritating pop-ups.

The only problem you might face during an entire stream is that they might ask you to sign up. But that doesn’t keep bugging like a bee. It’s on you whether you want to do that or not. And don’t hesitate in signing up because you’re not alone. There’s an entire community.

Catering to a wide market

Similar to Netflix and Prime Video, these streaming sites offer content but for free. So, you can enjoy similar quality content without having to spend a dime. No subscription, no commitment, just a capable internet connection to stream anything you want. FlixTor has a sincere fan base.

Want to know what separates FlixTor from other free streaming services? – Ability to watch any form of content – TV series, movies and cartoons on any device from any location – Extensive library of over 2 million movies – Availability of movie trailer before streaming – User-friendly browsing with search filters to sort categories – Ability to choose from the latest movies based upon date, popularity, and genre

Now though these might come as a standard feature; we must not forget that it’s all for free.

A Search Engine Not a Streaming Site

FlixTor is more of a search engine than a streaming site. Many people think of it as an end-platform that hosts content but that’s not true. It’s a fully automated engine that performs scans on other streaming websites and collects the best quality videos available on streaming sites that host the data.


FlixTor was developed in just a week – five days to be accurate.


If you’re into online streaming via these free websites, you know that design is not an area where you can keep high expectations. But surprisingly, FixTor’s layout and the overall appeal doesn’t rub you off.

A light blue color scheme flows evenly across the website and on each page. Though the homepage banners are of low quality and unresponsive size, I don’t think you’d expect it to be any better given that most sites don’t even have banners.

It has a simple homepage with well-diversified categories which include TV Shows, Movies, Home, TV Episodes, My List and VIP Menu Tabs. Not just that you can actually access the content based upon genres and upload date.

Each stream can be sorted as per your preference. There’s the Most Popular category followed by Recommended which is a feature you see in premium streaming websites. Whether you stream from Firefox, Opera or Chrome, the website is compatible with all these browsers. Furthermore, it has an integrated media player as most streaming sites, whose performance completely relies on your internet connection.


Imagine if Netflix was free. Now imagine Netflix rebranded itself as FlixTor. That’s exactly what this service is about minus the 4k content. You can stream over a million movies and TV shows via the FlixTor website or the app.

I like FlixTor’s streaming service primarily because of its interface. It is extremely easy to use. I love the trailer feature and the star rating apart from other details. Thus, before you play any content and decide to spend your valuable data connection, you can learn about the title via synopsis, reviews and a trailer.

Desktop Experience

If you’ve used Popcorn Time, getting the hang of FlixTor certainly won’t take a long time. There’s a lot of similarities between both the app.

With FlixTor, you can stream via an integrated media player or via VLC or some other external player. I’d recommend VLC because it’s the most compatible video player which works well with the majority of the formats.

Mobile Experience

The only thing missing from the mobile experience is subtitling, rest you can have a similar streaming experience to your desktop. FlixTor has a dedicated client app that allows Chromecast support thus you can cast the stream onto your TV. As for the lack of subtitles, the developers are working on it and it will soon be available.

Even when streaming via a mobile device, you can stream via a third-party app or the integrated player. Regardless of which one you choose; the interface is great and you get access to quality content.

As mentioned earlier, FlixTor runs on a wide range of browsers but works the best with Chrome, Opera and Mozilla. As for the app, you can download it for Mac, Windows, and Linux. (All of them are available on GitHub). If you want an Android app, you should search for an APK as for obvious reasons it is not available on PlayStore.

I had a good time streaming on the website as well as the app. The FlixTor app though it has ads doesn’t compromise when it comes to content. Thus, I’m fine with certain discrepancies if the stream is top-notch.

If you’re streaming via desktop, you can also download the content.

Plans & Pricing

Though FlixTor is a free service and any user across the world can stream for free, it does have a VIP membership. The channel accepts donations and provides you a VIP pass in return. As opposed to free users who need to watch ads, VIP members don’t have to watch ads. In addition, they also get access to an up-to-date library, something which isn’t offered to normal users. Even the fee you pay is a one-time fee and not a recurring subscription model. So, you don’t have to worry about direct debits.

You can subscribe for a period between 30 days to 2 years and the donations are classified into four tiers: $14.95/month, $29.95 for 3 months, $49.95 for 6 months and $89.95 for 2 years.

Suggestions I have for FlixTor

I like the user-interface; however, I feel that it can be improved if the developers add red accents as well. The website partially represents the logo with light blue shade however if certain parts on the website were color orange/red shade, it’ll make the website look more premium.


FlixTor is basically like a free alternative to leading streaming services such as Prime Video and Netflix. In its operation, it is similar to Putlocker and Popcorn time.

Likes & Hates:
User interface
Expansive content library
Fewer Ads
Need to go premium for an ad-free experience