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EuropixHD is an online streaming site where users get to enjoy the best content, such as movies for free. So, whether you’re bored on the weekend or are seeking an escape from the lousy weather by staying home, EuropixHD is all you need to entertain yourself. Using this website, you can stream not just from your desktop or laptop but from your mobile as well.

Why should you stream on EuropixHD?

EuropixHD is one of the top free streaming sites which is filled with quality content. Whether you want to watch a thriller title or a fantasy series, you’ll find content that suits your needs. Apart from the content, which we’ll discuss later, here are several reasons why you should stream on EuropixHD:

Doesn’t Require Registration

The best part about this streaming service is that you don’t require registration to watch a movie. While there’s a sure downside to this feature, simplifying the process of streaming is much better than a forceful attempt to lure the audience to sign-up on the website. No registration means you don’t have to give your personal information or your financial information and you can stream stress-free without any catch.

Community Interaction

Europix attracts thousands of visitors a month. What I like the most about this platform is that each stream has a comment section allowing the viewers to interact. Using the comment section you can ask questions, answer queries and even bond with fellow streamers who are doing the same.

Great website layout

Europix has a distinctive look and feel. It sports a modern layout with well-designed menus, homepage banners, and thumbnails. Sure, it’s not as cutting-edge as a premium streaming service, but for a free streaming service, you simply can’t ask for more. Not just the layout, even the interface with its search bar, intuitive menus, and sorting features makes finding and streaming content quite seamless.

Great sorting features

When a free streaming website is throwing hundreds of titles on your face, the task of choosing a title becomes quite daunting. Thus, developers use various filters and sorting features to simplify the process of finding a movie. With EuropixHD, you have a variety of ways in which you can select a title if you’re confused as to which movie you want to watch. You can choose titles based on Genres, Ratings, Release Date, Top 50, IMDB ratings, and so on.

Multiple genres

The problem with streamers nowadays is not how they can watch a movie but rather what to watch? And to be honest, most of the time, I’m stuck in the same dilemma. However, I found a solution and that’s to sort movies based upon the genre. I choose my mood to be a defining factor in which movie I’d like to watch. EuropixHD, on the other hand, has no dearth of genres and so based upon my mood, I can pick between various categories such as Adventure, Animation, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, History, Mystery, Sport, Romance, and War.

How to access EuropixHD?

EuropixHD can be accessed in either of two ways – Search the term ‘EuropixHD’ in the search engine or use the following link: EuropixHD. Before accessing the website, make sure that you’re using a VPN to protect yourself from hackers. Free-to-stream websites are often filled with malware, adware, and other viruses. So, just make sure you don’t click on any ads and provide your credit card details.

While I do like this website for streaming, I’d advise you to stay clear of interacting on any redirects or third-party websites. Also, it’d be better if you stream from your desktop as getting rid of any unwanted ads will be easier to deal with through tab closure.


From a design perspective, EuropixHD is quite distinctive. The homepage banners, coupled with category menu and interactive thumbnails, help you engage with the website. The grey/blue/white color combination has been used well to distinguish different elements on the website. There’s a proper visual camaraderie between various elements that keep you glued on the website, especially the homepage. Header

The header section on the website has a logo on the left and six key options – ‘Home,’ ‘Genre,’ ‘Movies,’ ‘Top 50’, ‘Year,’ and ‘TV Shows’ towards the right. There are drop-down menus for each of these categories. Besides them, you’ll find a search bar using which you can search for any movie directly.

Hero Section

The hero section is my favorite section on this website. Why? Because it has premium banner sliders that a lot of free streaming services lack. At the time of writing this review, there was the ‘Last Christmas’ banner starring Emilia Clarke. And that banner was so eye-catching that I manually tried to check other banners on the website.


The body section takes quite a straightforward approach. It is filled with thumbnails that have a cool card-flip transition effect. This is a creative approach that will stick with you for a long time. The important information about the title has been captured on the flip side. So, if you hover on a title, you’ll find details such as ‘Title,’ ‘Runtime,’ ‘Genre,’ and ‘Rating.’ There are several sections on the homepage, such as ‘Trending,’ ‘Latest Movies,’ ‘Quality HD Update,’ ‘Recently Added TV Series,’ and ‘Requested Movies.’


The footer section on the website does pack a lot of content. There’s a copyright statement followed by a Disclaimer. Under that, you’ll find keywords such as ‘Free Movies,’ ‘TV Series Online HD,’ ‘Movies Online HD,’ ‘Free Streaming HD,’ ‘Movies with Subtitles,’ ‘Online Streaming,’ ‘Trending Movies,’ and ‘Full-Movies.’

Inner Pages

The inner page might not have the most modern-looking video player, but everything else on the page is picture-perfect. The gray transparent banner with the actual banner of the movie featuring information is one of the most eye-catching elements on the website. Under the player, you get a variety of streaming options such as server links, trailer, and subtitle addition.


Europix HD has an extensive content library filled with movies and TV shows. Based upon the disclaimer, it’s clear that the website doesn’t store the content on its server and is just a mediator. Thus, there’s no doubt that there’s content galore on this website. Some of my favorite content sections on the website include ‘Requested Movies,’ ‘Top IMDB,’ ‘Latest Movies,’ and ‘Trending Movies.’ As for content, here’s a sneak peek as to what you can find on the site:

Movies: Birds of Prey, Bad Boys for Life, Contagion, Onward, Joker, Dolittle, 1917, The Gentlemen, Jumanji: The Next Level, The Deadliest Switch, The Scheme, Carrion, Abigail Haunting, The Last Right, Gretel & Hansel, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Sonic: The Hedgehog and Knives Out.

TV Shows: The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, The Letter for the King, DEVS, The Nest, Death stroke, Little Fire’s Everywhere, Broke, The Good Doctor, Manifest, Legacies, Navy NCIS, and Criminal Minds.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I loved streaming Europix on my laptop – HP 15 and my mobile device – Pixel 3a. I streamed ‘Birds of Prey’ on this platform; I loved the quality that the website had to offer. There were a few hiccups here and there, but overall it was a smooth sail without any major discrepancies. There was little to no buffer and absolutely no latency issues or audio breakage at any point.

Suggestions I have for EuropixHD

I absolutely adore this platform. I don’t have much negative to say about it. As mentioned above, there are a couple of points that can improve the streaming experience further. These include providing full HD streams and getting rid of those annoying pop-ups. Also, I’ve noted that during a single session, I was redirected to a third-party website twice – maybe this can be worked upon first.


If you’re looking for a stable streaming website capable of providing you solid streaming service, EuropixHD is a platform that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It has more than just amazing website design, and you won’t regret counting on this suggestion.

Likes & Hates:
Great Website Layout
Amazing Filter Options
Extensive Content Library
Stable Streaming
Can only stream up to 1080p
Annoying pop-ups towards the upper right corner