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BollyShare (IN)

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Finding a halfway decent free movie streaming site these days is nowhere near as easy as it once was. It seems as if the more popular free movie streaming sites become, the more steeply their quality declines. The overwhelming majority of the free movie streaming sites that I come across in my work of finding and reviewing only the best of the best sites for streaming movies and TV series are garbage.

These sites are often so poorly designed that they are nearly impossible to navigate. Or they are so riddled in invasive ads that, even if you can dig through all the ads, they are just downright unenjoyable. Plus, unfortunately, it is also not uncommon for such ads to be infested with hidden malware, trojan viruses, and trackers, meaning that a great deal of these free movie streaming sites are not even safe to use.

Then, of course, there are the sites that appear to offer hundreds of free movies to stream, maybe even some free TV series too, but then, once you dig a little deeper, wind up being shells or third-party link farms. The sole existence of these sites is to generate click through revenue without actually providing anything to the user. These sites, although not quite as bad as those that seek to infect your computer with viruses, are probably the most annoying. They do nothing but waste your time. At least the malicious free movie streaming sites usually fulfill their end of the bargain and let you stream free movies!

It is no easy task – sorting through all of the potential free movie streaming sites, tracking each one down, and exploring them in order to discern whether they are usable – but, hey, somebody has to do it. This is why I work tirelessly to provide you in-depth reviews of all of the notable free movie streaming sites on the web. One by one, I will take you through every component of these sites (so you don’t have to even bother to visit them, unless you want to), figuring out, by the end of the review, whether a given site is, indeed, one of the best free movie streaming sites or if it isn’t even worth the 2 seconds it would take to click on the link.

These sites need to be held accountable. There need to be some sort of standards put into place. Otherwise, free movie streaming sites would just continue to be able to do whatever they want. If there is somebody, however, who spends countless hours browsing such sites and calling them out when they don’t live up to what are entirely fair expectations – namely, that we should be able to stream movies for free without the risk of contracting a virus or a tracker – then it stands to reason that people would be less likely to attempt to create such bad sites. Perhaps doing this could even prompt somebody to make their free movie streaming site better.

The more informed that we are as consumers of free movies and TV series, the less likely it is that bad actors will think that they can launch scam sites and get away with it.

All that being said, where does the Indian free movie streaming site, Bolly Share fall on the spectrum, from scam to must-see? Well, at a quick glance, the site seems to look fairly legit. There are ads, of course, but they are not as prevalent as they are on other, similar free movie streaming sites out there. The site seems to offer plenty of high-quality movies, from India and around the world. And the site presents itself in a pretty well put together and professional manner.

However, looks can be deceiving. The only way to figure out for sure if Bolly Share (which now lives at the domain of deserves a mention in the conversation of the best free movie streaming sites on the web is to take a closer look at the site and everything that it has to offer. So, without further ado, I bring you a behind the scenes look at Bolly Share.


As I just mentioned, the site design of Bolly Share has a sharp and professional look to it. I appreciate the site’s use of minimalism. The white background lends itself nicely to bright red tabs (which become black when you hover over them). The site feels very clean and, thus, user friendly. There should be no problem navigating through this one.

I also appreciate how dynamic and responsive the site. One good example is the tabs turning black in response to the mouse. Another nice touch, though, can be seen when you hover your cursor over a movie’s thumbnail. The image becomes shaded from the center out, revealing a play button overlay. This doesn’t accomplish much, of course, from a practical or functionality standpoint … but it is, I think, little flourishes such as this one that can help a site’s web design go from basic to interesting. It certainly adds a bit of texture, I would say, to the user experience.

As far as the organizational structure of the site is concerned, though, I do think that Bolly Share could be improved. For instance, as you scroll down the home page, it never ends. There are just movies as far as the page can scroll, via an infinity scroll function. These movies, however, are not organized in any obvious or meaningful way. There is also no filtering mechanism. So, browsing is kind of random and wayward.

There is a site menu bar, but this is also less helpful than it could be. Instead of offering, say, a dropdown list of genre tags, your options are much more general. Choose from Home, Bollywood, Hollywood Dub, South Dub, Punjabi, TV Shows, or Request Movie. I would like to see Bolly Share work on its streamlining and organization. I want to be able to browse with efficiency, not just scroll until maybe I stumble upon a free movie stream that looks like it might be enjoyable.

If you visit Bolly Share, however, already knowing precisely what it is that you would like to watch, well, you can always simply type it into the search bar at the top of the page. So, although the site design does not lend itself well to browsing, you won’t have any trouble using Bolly Share to find a specific free movie stream.

Content and Features

Bolly Share has Indian movies of several different languages (including Hindi, Punjabi, and Tamil, to name a few). You will also stream free movies from America and Southern India that are overdubbed (mostly in Hindi) via the site’s Hollywood Dub and South Dub sections. Then, of course, there are plenty of free movies from India to enjoy as well. On the whole, although there are a few free movies of other languages, Bolly Share is largely Hindi-centric.

As far as features are concerned, I am disappointed to report that there are none. Outside of the ability to stream free movies, it doesn’t appear as if Bolly Share lets users do anything else. There is no adding a film to your Watch List, no favoriting anything, no rating of “liking” a movie. This is a site that you will visit solely to watch free movies and leave when you are done.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

The experience of this site, though, is one that left me confused. As I attempt to click into a movie to stream it, it begins to seem as if Bolly Share is just a shell or a splash page for another site, Free Movie Wap 2019 it is called. In fact, no matter where on Bolly Share you click (even a tab of the site menu bar), you are immediately reverted to Free Movie Wap. This, for me, is an immediate red flag.

Still, though, I am willing to give Bolly Share the benefit of the doubt. So, I attempt to stream a movie on Free Movie Wap. The page that I am brought to here, though, only provides a few download links, movie info, and screen grabs. I am unable to find a media player, or even a link to a third-party stream of the movie. This is the case with several movies that I try to stream. Maybe I am just missing something? … But I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to stream a movie on this free movie streaming site!

That being said, the site is optimized for mobile web browsers. So, if you are able to figure it out, you will have no issue streaming free movies on your mobile devices.

Likes & Hates:
Intuitive and simple site design
Mobile friendly
Poor organizational structure
Everything links to another site
Unable to find an actual free movie stream