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It is truly a beautiful time to be alive. Never do we have to worry about how we are going to keep ourselves entertained. If you are ever bored, no problem, just log into your favorite movie and TV series streaming site and sit back for hours and hours of nonstop enjoyment. The 21st century is, by far, the best century we could have asked to be born into. Bar none. Can you even imagine how people used to occupy their time back in, I don’t know, the Victorian era? What were you supposed to do for fun back then? Make a candle?

Today, though, all we have to do is click a few buttons and, voila, we have a nearly endless list of movies and TV shows at our fingertips. In fact, there are so many options for streaming movies and TV shows that it can actually be a little overwhelming. Not to mention time-consuming to try and preview each one and figure out which streaming service(s) will be right for you. Sure, you do not have to pick just one. Of course. However, when it comes to big-name streaming platforms, having access to several can become pretty costly very quickly.

Each popular streaming site and the app comes with its own individual monthly price tag. A cost that for each one separately does not seem like much, but once you subscribe to a few of them, well, you could find yourself paying upwards of $50, $60, even over $100 a month to meet your streaming needs. But how is one to decide on an affordable number of streaming services? Each one, too, has its own inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Netflix, for example, is an invaluable source of original standup comedy specials. Maybe you have heard the joke about how soon enough Netflix is going to give an hourlong special to every single comic in the industry based on just how much standup material they put out. It’s just a matter of time. Nevertheless, if you are a lover of standup comedy, Netflix is definitely a good option – that being said, it’s not the greatest, in my opinion, when it comes to interface and user features. So, that’s something you would have to reconcile before deciding if Netflix (the king of streaming) is right for you.

Then there is always Amazon Prime Video, which is the service you want if you love critically acclaimed films and drama series such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or The Man in the High Castle. Plus, Amazon is great for those of us who want to easily be able to add premium channels (for an added fee, of course) to the Amazon interface. In addition to Amazon’s original and syndicated content, then, you will also be able to watch HBO or Showtime material. Amazon, though, has the worst buffering speeds and video quality – so, another plus and another minus.

Finally, we have Hulu – the streaming service for people who are not entirely ready to cut the cord with traditional cable. Not only do they offer a live TV option (again, for a steep additional charge), but they are one of the few streaming services that offer plenty of current TV episodes … you just have to wait 24 hours after they’ve aired to access them. With Hulu, though, you have to put up with some annoying interface issues as well.

So, the main takeaway from all of this? No streaming service is perfect. And, at least when it comes to the mainstream ones, it can be very expensive to get access to enough of them so that you can turn one-off and switch to another when the first one isn’t doing it for you. Plus, if like me you do not have tons of money to throw around at various streaming services, you might find yourself totally at a loss (unless, of course, a friend or family member is willing to share their login information … but that’s always a gamble).

Before you give up, though, and resign to thinking that maybe streaming movies and TV shows just aren’t in the cards for you, take into account the plethora of free movie and TV streaming sites that exist. Yeah, that’s right, I said: “free.” There are actually quite a few sources out there for people who want to be able to watch whatever they are in the mood for but cannot afford the cost often associated with that ability.

Unfortunately, though, finding a solid, dependable, and safe free movie and TV streaming site can be more of a difficult endeavor than one might think. “Quality” is not exactly the word that I would use to describe a great deal of free streaming sites on the web. Many of them, in fact, is not truly free nor do some of them actually let you stream anything at all. Finding a solid one usually requires a hefty amount of research and trial and error. Luckily for you, though, I have done all of the heavy liftings on this end so that you do not have to – and I am more than happy to only bring you the best of the best when it comes to free streaming sites.

In addition to many of them being riddled in ads (to the point where they cannot even be enjoyed), the worst-case scenario sites of this nature can also be landmines of viruses and trojans waiting to infect your computer. A quick word to the wise: if you are going to do some searching for a free movie and TV streaming site on your own, be prepared.

I highly recommend using a Virtual Private Network to protect your information from hackers. I also recommend grabbing a good ad blocker and antivirus software. The site we will be looking at today, though, has already been vetted by me – so, no need to fret. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Stream Likers, shall we?


Upon landing on Stream Likers’ home page, I must say, I am immediately impressed. The site is sleekly designed, minimalistic, and easy to use. I enjoy the vintage feel of the lime green logo against a white background. There is a great deal of negative space on this site, which I believe lends it a pretty professional look. Other than a sparse site menu bar at the top of the page, which lets you browse by Movies, Most Viewed, Genres, or Series and TV Shows, all you will find is a search bar. Simply type in the movie or show you are looking for and, voila, let Stream Likers find it for you.

Also, for those of you who might be interested in simply browsing from a prepared list (as opposed to searching by keyword), you can click on “use the old Stream Likers site” and watch it transform before your eyes.


The downside to this site, however, is the fact that, well, Stream Likers is somewhat unlikely to have what you are looking for – at least if you are not looking for an extremely popular movie or show that has come out in the last few years. I conducted a quick search for Schitt’s Creek, for instance, and was surprised to find that, even though this show is very well known and mainstream, the site did not have a single episode.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the selection is not ideal. There are definitely scores of other free streaming sites out there that dwarf Stream liker. That being said, I get the impression that this site is a newer one … so, perhaps it is just a matter of time before their library grows and evolves.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unfortunately, as is often the case with free streaming sites, this one does not have an app. However, the mobile experience is decent. The site is completely optimized for cell phones and tablets – so, if you prefer to watch your movies on the go, you have nothing to worry about.

Suggestions that I have for Stream Likers

First and foremost, obviously, I want this site to significantly expand its library. Again, I am hoping that eventually, it will grow. But as it stands currently, there are not nearly enough titles for this site to become my go-to free streaming search engine.

Likes & Hates:
Well designed
Mobile friendly
Search engine powered
Not enough titles
No app