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People these days no longer rely on cable and satellite tv. Additionally, DVDs and Blu-rays have been successfully replaced by premium streaming services. You can catch up on your favorite shows and movies on free and premium streaming websites. While premium stream services have gathered considerable momentum in recent years, people are naturally attracted to free streaming services.

What is is a video streaming site that allows users from around the world to stream top content. You’ll find the trending titles in HD quality along with many classics on this website. It’s not just the content alone which makes this site amazing. The amazing website design and seamless streaming ensure that you can enjoy any movie title within a few seconds.

Why should you stream on is one of the top free streaming sites which is filled with quality content. Whether you want to watch an action or a romance movie, you’ll find content that suits each one of your moods. Apart from the content, which we’ll discuss later, here are several reasons why you should stream on

Great website layout is a website with a modern layout. We often see websites with little to no aesthetic appeal. After reviewing xMovies8, I was happy that I landed on a website that looked equally impressive. The homepage menus, content sorting features, search bar and details regarding each show all exist with harmony. At no section on the website will you feel that the content is stuffed or cluttered.

User-friendly content filter

Finding content on a streaming website can be really daunting sometimes. Most of the free movie sites don’t present you with filters which can simplify the content finding process. On Lookmovie, however, you can find a movie title based on the genre or the category. Apart from that, you can even use the search bar towards the right to check if the content you’re looking for is available on the website or not.

Multiple genres

If you’re on a website filled with movie content, you would want to find the latest as well as the classic movies. Movies from different genres. Almost all the streaming sites that I know cater to a wide range of genres. Lookmovie, similar to those offers you different genres such as Adventure, Animation, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, and Romance. Thus, regardless of your mood, you’ll most likely find suitable content for yourself.

Ad-free streaming

While many websites claim that Lookmovie is ad-free, that’s not true. Sure, there are no ads on the homepage or on any inside page. However, if you click on the thumbnail instead of the ‘Play Now’ button, you are likely to be redirected to a new page. Having said that, it’s hard to find sites that don’t have banner ads on the homepage or on any inner pages thus I’d like to applaud the developers on this one.

Quality TV Show coverage

Not only do you get the best TV shows on the website, but you also get each and every episode. For instance, I wanted to watch season 5 of ‘Outlander’ and so I searched it up on Lookmovie and found all the episodes from that season. Each episode came with a thumbnail, a synopsis, Date of Upload, Trailer and Cast details. Though, I didn’t need any other information since I knew about the show, if you’re starting to watch a new show, these details would make a lot of difference.

How to access can be accessed in either of two ways – Search the term Lookmovie stream in the search engine or use the following link: Lookmovie. Before accessing the website, make sure that you’re using a VPN to protect your identity and your personal information from hackers. Free to stream websites are often filled with malware, adware, and other viruses. So, just make sure you don’t click on any ads and provide your credit card details.


Distinctive and premium are the two words I would use to describe Lookmovie’s aesthetics. I like the blue base color with white text. There are red and yellow accents throughout the website inspired by the logo. There is a proper visual flow throughout the website which makes browsing and streaming the platform very smooth.


The header section on this website has two sections. The primary header has Movies and TV Shows. The secondary header has Filter, Latest, Categories, and Genres. On the right, you can find a search bar which works amazingly well. Among all the options, the categories tab is the only one that has drop-down menus allowing you to access specific content.

Hero Section

Lookmovie’s hero section feels premium too. Their main section is divided 70:30 with the major portion occupied by the banner and the lesser portion by the supported text. For instance, there’s a banner for ‘Ip Man 4: The Finale’ on the left and there are details such as synopsis, year, rating, genre, and duration on the right. There’s a ‘Play Now’ button at the end which you can use to access a stream.


The body section of the website starts with the USP of this website, which in my opinion is the movies filter. There are four options – Genres, Year, Rating, Newest First, followed by Submit button. Using the filter option, you can narrow down the search results to specific content that you’re looking for. For example, if you don’t want to watch a movie that has a low rating, you can set the IMDb rating to 6+, 7+, 8+ or even 9+.

As you scroll further, you’ll find six rows with five thumbnails in each row. There’s an IMDb rating on the top left corner, release year on the lower left and the print quality on the lower right of every banner. Thus, you don’t have to visit the inner pages to learn about these details.


The footer section of Lookmovie is simple. There are two noteworthy sections. First, a vertical row with three options – Contact Us, Affiliate and Advertise. Second, a Donation section where you can make donations using the link.

Inner Pages

You’ll be taken to the inside page whenever you click on a movie title. Once you’re on the page, you’ll see a massive video player, followed by several important options. There are hotkeys such as volume control, seeking, play/pause and full screen so you can manage your stream. Right under the player, you can find detailed information about the movie including synopsis, cast details, and IMDb rating. Towards the left, you can find a trailer option that is linked with YouTube so you can view that onsite.


Lookmovie helps you find the latest movies and TV shows which have worldwide traction. From Hollywood blockbusters to regional classics, you’ll find most of the titles on this platform. With dozens of movies releasing every quarter, there’s a high demand for trending content from the viewers. Lookmovie really puts in a shift to provide the best content to their audience. Classic movies and TV series from yesteryears can also be found on the platform.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I really liked streaming on Lookmovie both on my laptop and the mobile phone. I streamed ‘Parasite’ on my HP laptop and initially after the stream took a minute to load, I could watch the whole movie without any buffering to latency issues. As for my mobile experience, I tried streaming on Huawei Mate 30 Pro and I watched an episode of The Voice UK Season 10. Streaming on both the devices was seamless and I didn’t have any discrepancies whatsoever.

Suggestions I have for

Even though there’s not much that this website gets wrong, it still has room for improvement. The thumbnail redirect can be fixed easily. Additionally, the full-page ads can sometimes lead users to bounce off the page.


Apart from the nibbling full-page ads, there are literally no reasons as to why you shouldn’t try Lookmovie for watching tv shows and movies. It’s an amazing website that looks great and has quality content capable of keeping you hitched for hours.

Likes & Hates:
Simple and sophisticated interface
Huge content library
No registration
Well-organized content
Full-page ads when streaming can be annoying
Thumbnail redirect can be frustrating