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Tamilian (IN)

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There are so many free movie streaming sites on the web that, sometimes, it can feel downright overwhelming to try and filter through all of them in order to give my readers a heads up and overview of as many of them as possible. The task is daunting, sure, but definitely not impossible. Which is why I remain dedicated to scouring the internet, day in and day out, in order to tell you what’s what when it comes to every streaming related site there is.

Whether we are looking at the dirge of free movie streaming sites that are out there, the continuously expanding list of premium movie and TV streaming services that are available, free live TV streaming sites, free sports streaming sites, or any other kind of streaming platform in existence … it is my job to visit as many streaming sites as I can and report back. I do this, of course, so that you don’t have to.

I understand that people do not have the time, energy, and in many cases the money to try out each and every one of the streaming sites that can be found strewn about every corner of the internet and all major app stores. The number of streaming sites in existence – whether free or otherwise – is impossible to count. This is because the number of streaming sites that are on the web is constantly in flux … this is especially true of free movie streaming sites. There are constantly new ones going live, and there are constantly old ones going dark. The world of free movie streaming sites is incredibly volatile (not quite as volatile as the world of crypto currency, but not too far behind).

So, if you want to keep tabs of which free movie streaming sites are A.) still live and able to be used, and B.) are actually worth your time and energy … you have come to the right place. is updated every day with new reviews (or, in earnest, the site is updated almost every day; come on, guys, even I need a break from time to time). If ever you are in the market for a new streaming site, this is definitely the place you will want to be.

Let’s face it … there are some free movie streaming sites out there that should be avoided like COVID 19. The only equivalent to masking yourself from these sites, though, is to be armed with knowledge. To be blunt, it simply is not safe to visit any random free movie streaming sites that you find on Google. As you may already be aware, some of these sites are nothing more than flashy looking malware traps. Unfortunately, a lot of so-called free movie streaming sites exist solely to infect your computer with trojans, trackers, and other viruses. This is why it is always wise to check my reviews before visiting a new free movie streaming site.

If I ever encounter an issue such as this with a particular free movie streaming site, I will be sure to let you know. I am not beholden, after all, to any website or company. I am only beholden to the truth. It is my duty to honestly and objectively review as many streaming sites as I can because doing so, I believe, is an act of holding these kinds of sites accountable. Exposure is the best defense against a scam site. Because the more people become aware of the scam behind the site, fewer people will visit it. And if people aren’t interacting with a site whose goal is to propagate malware, the site will have no choice but to die off.

I don’t care what kind of site we are talking about … nobody should be allowed to scam innocent internet users and get away with it. This is true with eCommerce sites, of course, why should the same standard not be expected of free movie streaming sites? The problem with free movie streaming sites is that there has, for too long, been no watchdog, no real threat or consequence to creating up a malicious free movie streaming site … until now, that is. I am the watchdog. And if you do not act in good faith, I will end your site.

On the flipside, though, I love being able to promote and spread the word about the best free movie streaming sites, too. That is the other side to what I do. I don’t seek only to bring down bad sites, but to prop up the good ones as well. Every new free streaming site that I visit is evaluated with the possibility that it could be one of the best free movie streaming sites on the web. As I go through the site, though, we come to discover where on the spectrum each site lies.

Which brings us to the free movie streaming site that we will be looking at today, Tamilian. This is an Indian free movie streaming site that specializes in providing content in the Tamil language, a welcome change of pace considering that many of the free movie streaming sites in India tend to cater primarily to Hindi. It is nice to see a whole site that is dedicated only to Tamil.

The site, at first glance, appears to provide a sizeable library of free Tamil movies. But looks can be deceiving. Is Tamilian, in fact, one of the best free movie streaming sites in India, or is it one of those parasitic sites that should be avoided at all costs? Well, let’s take a closer look and see for ourselves.


Tamilian offers a site design that I would characterize as mediocre at best. It is far from the worst free movie streaming site design that I have ever seen. However, it does not hold a candle to the design of free movie streaming sites such as Sling or, say, Viki. The site itself (Tamilian) is very basic. There is not much to it.

Not that this is inherently a bad feature of site design. Some of the best streaming sites that I have ever seen are minimalistic and sparse. Tamilian, though, is basic in a sort of unsophisticated sense. I get the feeling, in other words, that Tamilian looks the way it does not out of a stylistic intention, but, instead, out of amateurish or sophomoric coding.

It looks, however, as if there was an attempt made at emulating the general layout of some of the most popular and widely used streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu. But the execution of this layout just does not have anywhere near the same effect. For instance, at the top of Tamilian’s home page, you will find a banner which alternates featured films for viewers to check out (just like you would find on Netflix or Hulu). The only difference is, for some reason, this banner does not span the entire screen – in fact, the whole site has fairly large borders which, I think, seriously limit the immersion and potential dynamism of the site design.

Below this active banner, you will find a gallery featuring thumbnails of the latest added movies. There is no further organizational structure to be found here. You just have to scroll and scroll and scroll down the page (thanks to the site’s infinity scroll function) until you find a movie that sounds good to you. Alternately, you can scroll back up to the top of the page in order to choose a genre from the site menu bar.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Predictably, there is no Tamilian app. This is usually the case with a free movie streaming site such as this one. That being said, the mobile version of the site will suffice for a decent enough mobile movie browsing experience.

PLEASE NOTE: When I visited this site from my laptop, each time that I tried to play a movie, Tamilian opened a new tab. The movie did not play. Instead, my AVG antivirus alerted me that it had detected and blocked a threat. This threat was a trojan. So, at least as of the time of this review, Tamilian does not appear to be a safe and secure free movie streaming site. Proceed at your own risk.

Likes & Hates:
Hundreds of free Tamilian movies
Mobile friendly
Many movies will not play
Disappointing site design