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Free Movies Cinema

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Lately, it seems as if every movie streaming site that I come across is more of the same. There are not many free movie streaming sites out there that are doing anything differently these days. Very few of the sites that I visit offer anything unique, anything above and beyond the minimal expectations (which would be, of course, providing me with movies to stream for free). I have seen just about every free movie streaming site on the web; nowadays, it takes quite a bit to impress me.

It is as if every single site that I go to is identical. I can’t even tell most of them apart half the time. Free movie streaming site after free movie streaming site, it’s just more and more of the same. It’s always mediocre and unimpressive site design, movies that are sourced from sketchy sites, and enough ads to drive a man to madness. Even in terms of content, I feel like it’s always the same kind of big-budget Hollywood-style movies that are most prominently featured. How many action movies can one person take in a lifetime?

I don’t know if you have been able to pick up on this, but I am sick of the same old, same old … business as usual … I want to find a free movie streaming site that really gets me fired up. I want something different. I want to find a site that makes me excited to stream movies again. Is that so much to ask for?

Well, the people behind Free Movies Cinema certainly don’t happen to think so. Not only does Free Movies Cinema sidestep all of the usual pitfalls of a free movie streaming site, but they have also managed to create something unique in the streaming space (which is no easy task, considering the sheer volume of movie streaming sites out there). Free Movies Cinema offers an intuitive and enjoyable user experience, great site design, thousands of movies, very few ads (relative to the typical free movie streamer), and some very cool and novel features that I have never seen on a movie streaming site before.

Free Movies Cinema truly expands my view of what a free movie streaming site could be. It transcends the realm of the traditional streamer to become … I don’t know … something else. I mean, sure, it is a movie streaming site in the sense that, obviously, its main focus is providing users with free movie streaming. But, in addition to this, it is also an online community of cinema lovers; it is a massive archive of rare, independent, and underground films; it is a lifestyle blog; it is a free TV series streaming site; the list goes on and on.

In short, alongside being one of the best free movie streaming sites that I have ever encountered, Free Movies Cinema is a boundless world of entertainment for everybody, of course, but I think that this site will be especially beloved by serious movie buffs, filmmakers, and patrons of the arts. I say this because of the fact that Free Movies Cinema’s catalog is not quite like that of your average, run-of-the-mill movie streaming site. But I will elaborate more on this later on.

For now, allow me to take you on a grand tour of one of the grandest free movie streaming sites of all time. Without further ado, I give to you … Free Movies Cinema.


I always get a little disappointed when I discover a site like this, one that I like so much, and then I am unable to find out much about it, where it came from, or who started it. All that I was able to discern regarding the history of Free Movies Cinema is that it first launched in 2006, so this site has had a good amount of time to perfect its craft (perhaps that is one of the reasons it is so well executed at this point).


Speaking of execution, this site makes a stellar first impression. It is easy on the eyes, intuitive, dynamic, user-friendly, and very well organized. Oftentimes when I visit a free movie site like this one, I became quickly overwhelmed due to information overload – they tend to try and cram as many movies onto the page as is physically (maybe it should be “digitally?) possible. I, however, am not a fan of clutter. I like a clean, neat, and minimalistic website. Free Movies Cinema is all of these things.

The site introduces itself in 3 distinct sections. There is the slim site menu bar at the top of the page (which is white and baby blue). Then, just below, you’ll find a much larger, midnight blue (almost black) segment offering some featured “Fresh new movies.” Keep scrolling down the page to find a quick interruption, a white background again, bearing the latest popcorn recipe (it was pina colada, by the way, when I visited …).

The site keeps alternating in this fashion. Next is another big blue tile of popular documentaries, then a white segment featuring the latest blog posts. The page finally ends, capped off in blue, with the site footer links and text. All in all, I would say that this is definitely one of the best-looking free movie sites that I have ever seen, if not the best.

The site continues to impress once you click on a film to stream it. The media player is big and sleek. The background is a seamless black, resulting in something of a faux cinema mode without needing to toggle to one, and there are a handful of recommended movies found at the bottom of the page, movies that you might also like based on the movie in question.

Content and Features

Earlier I promised that we would go into greater depth regarding the ways in which the content offerings of Free Movies Cinema are different from your typical free movie site. For starters, Free Movies Cinema does not source its movies from shady host sites. Instead, every movie on this site (save for those that Free Movies Cinema hosts itself) is taken from either YouTube or Vimeo. Not only does this result in a unique index of movies … but it also means that playback will be smooth and video quality will be high.

One thing that makes Free Movies Cinema stand out from the crowd is its emphasis on short films, art films, and indies. This is not going to be the site for you if you are trying to stream Marvel movies or something like that. However, if you appreciate the art of filmmaking and like to discover new filmmakers, writers, directors, and up-and-coming actors, Free Movies Cinema will be right up your alley.

Each movie on the site is also given a rating based on the number of likes that it has received. There is a corresponding trophy symbol attributed to the movie accordingly. 10 to 99 likes, for example, is a green flame, and 10,000+ likes will earn a movie a yellow diamond. This shorthand, once it becomes familiar, is a fun and quick way to gauge the popularity and quality of a given film.

Alongside its thousands of free movies, this site also has series, curated playlists for guided binge-watching sessions, a regularly updated cookbook of unique popcorn recipes to accompany and enhance your film viewing experience, and even a film blog that takes fascinating angles on all things related to cinema. There is no such thing as a dull moment on Free Movies Cinema, that is for sure.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Unfortunately, there is not a mobile app for Free Movies Cinema (at least not as of the time of this review). That being said, the mobile version of the website is every bit as user-friendly and smooth as the desktop site. Viewing in your mobile browser will not be a problem whatsoever.

Another thing that I need to point out: compared to other free movie streaming sites, Free Movies Cinema deserves to be given an award for how few ads it uses. There are ads before and during some of the videos, sure, but those are the fault of YouTube and Vimeo, not Free Movies Cinema. Please, keep up the good work!

Likes & Hates:
Great site design
Mobile friendly
Unique movie selection
Not many ads
Sources movies safely and legitimately from YouTube and Vimeo
An app wouldn’t hurt
No mainstream movies or series