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TamilYogi (IN)

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What is your preferred way to stream movies and TV shows? Everybody has their go-to methods. None is necessarily better than the next, but each option definitely does have its own inherent strengths and weaknesses, depending on what it is that you are looking for. With so many options available nowadays at our fingertips for streaming movies and TV series, it can be difficult to figure out which route to take.

Regardless of your personal streaming methods, however, one thing remains certain: there has never been a better time to be a fan of movies. If you know what you are doing, you can access pretty much any movie ever made in a matter of seconds. The best way to do so, though, is where there is some disagreement among movie lovers.

Perhaps you are the kind of person who prefers premium streaming apps. There is no question about the fact that premium streaming services tend to provide the best quality – in terms of streaming video resolution, dependable and fast buffering, and user experience. Plus, the range and amount of content available to stream on such sites is usually top-notch; not to mention the fact that this content is often award-winning, critically acclaimed, and sometimes exclusive to the streaming site in question.

The downside to using premium streaming services, of course, comes in the form of a monetary inconvenience. These monthly fees are not always cheap. Plus, they add up rather quickly. Let’s say you have the basic premium memberships to each of the most popular streaming sites – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBO Max – how much do you think you are looking at spending, just on movie streaming alone, each month? This particular combo is going to run you at least $60 a month. And that’s assuming you don’t mind taking the base level subscriptions!

Cutting the cord, though, and ditching traditional cable was supposed to save us money. At least that’s what part of the appeal was in the beginning, back before every single company had to have their own individual streaming platform … back when all you had to worry about was Netflix (and maybe Hulu). Slowly, though, over time, the number of separate and exclusive streaming services has ballooned. Today, in order to access everything that you could possibly want to watch – at least if you want to go the premium route – you are going to have to put a sizeable dent in your monthly budget!

Which brings us to the other major streaming method. That is, of course, the crafty utilization of a combination of free movie streaming sites. This, too, has its positive and negative attributes. Naturally, the whole “free” part of the deal is pretty great. But what you don’t pay in money is often charged in a lower quality experience and, in some extreme cases, a lack of safety.

Anybody who is familiar with any one of the thousands of free movie streaming sites that live on the internet will know precisely what I am talking about. Quality is very hit or miss. This is true when it comes to the quality of the sites themselves, as well as the quality of the streams and the content available on free movie streaming sites. Then, of course, there is always the danger that certain free movie streaming sites may come with an even greater catch – in the form of viruses and scams.

One thing you want to look out for is a site that has an inordinate number of invasive and sketchy ads. Some of these ads may be infected with malware and/or trackers that can put your computer and your data in danger. The other red flag of a free movie streaming site that should be avoided at all costs is if it asks you to enter payment information. Although there are some notable exceptions (like Sling, for instance, and a couple other reputable free movie streaming sites out there), the best free movie streaming sites will not require you to provide any information whatsoever. Always proceed with caution when a site like this asks you for sensitive info.

That being said, once you do find a solid free movie streaming site, it can be 100% worth the time and energy that it took to do so. Many of these sites offer hundreds (sometimes thousands) of free movies to stream. Some will even have a vast selection of free TV streams as well. Once the diamond in the rough is found, many people swear by free movie streaming sites. Finding the best streaming site for you is the tricky part.

Luckily, though, that is precisely what I made for … to help you find the best premium and free streaming services on the web. If ever you are considering visiting a free movie streaming site, you will be wise to come check out my review of it first. If there is anything that you should be warned about before visiting, I will be sure to let you know. And if I don’t have a review of it featured here, well, then there is a good chance that it is not good enough to warrant being added to a list of the best free movie streaming sites to begin with.

That being said, today we will be taking a look at a free movie streaming site from India that has definitely earned its spot on this list. Tamil Yogi is a simple streaming site that cuts right to the chase. It features nothing but movies and TV series in the Tamil language, many of which are available to stream for free in HD. It is not every day that you come across such a vast collection of Tamil movies, especially free Tamil movies, so this free movie streaming site is certainly sure to excite many users out there. But is Tamil Yogi a safe site that is worth your time and energy? Well, let’s take a closer look, shall we, and see what Tamil Yogi has to offer in order to find out for sure.


The design of this free movie streaming site is about as basic as it gets. In fact, Tamil Yogi is simply a simple, default template Word Press site containing embeds of hundreds of movies. Although there are some obvious downsides to this approach, there are some benefits as well.

Firstly, the site doesn’t provide a very thorough organizational structure, which means that it is a little more difficult to browse the many free movie streams of this site than it should be. On the other hand, though, the straightforward nature of the site means that you can find and start watching a movie immediately. This paired-back site provides one of the smoothest and instantaneous free movie streaming experiences that I have seen in quite some time.

Once you click beyond the splash page (which is basically just a search bar), you will find a gallery of Recent Movies that you can browse, page after page after page (for 128 pages as of the time of this review). The only other way to browse titles – short of using the search bar, of course – is to head back up to the site menu bar. Here, you can filter content by New Tamil Movies, HD Tamil Movies, Dubbed Tamil Movies, and Tamil Web Series. Simply find the free movie stream you are looking for, click on it, and start watching immediately.

Content and Features

As I just mentioned, the site offers 128 pages of free Tamil movies to stream. Each page contains roughly 120 movies. That means that Tamil Yogi offers over 15,000 free streaming movies, making it a sizeable free movie streaming site, for sure. Given the site’s extremely minimalistic nature, don’t expect any additional user features here. This site is as utilitarian as it gets – stream movies for free, no bells and whistles needed.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

I am happy to report, however, that Tamil Yogi is optimized for mobile devices. Although there is no app, Tamil Yogi works perfectly by letting you stream free movies in your phone or tablet’s web browser. The whole site is resized to best fit a smaller screen. No matter where you happen to be, you can stream free Tamil movies with ease.

You can expect ads, though, on Tamil Yogi. This is the case on both the desktop and mobile site. The ads are nowhere near as bad as they are on some other free movie sites (probably due to the unsophisticated nature of the site design), so, it shouldn’t ruin the free movie streaming experience.

Likes & Hates:
15,000+ free Tamil movies
HD movies
Free movies and TV shows
Mobile friendly
No apps
Generic WordPress site (somewhat unprofessional looking)
On-page and popup ads