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Since premium streaming services have a massive catalog, users have a hard time keeping up with the content on these platforms. Here’s where streaming guides come in handy and help you realize that you can access a particular title on “so-and-so” platform. These guides are helpful because not only do they carry valuable information but they also promote legal streaming. In addition to that, they provide you free streaming offers where you can take the free trials offered by premium streaming sites. Today, we’ll be reviewing one of the most popular streaming guides – OnlineMovies.Watch.

What is OnlineMovies.Watch?

OnlineMoves.Watch is an amazing platform designed to guide users towards legal ways of streaming a particular title. It is basically a content aggregator but just in terms of information. It’s the most comprehensive platform for learning about various streaming materials. You’ll get options to watch content via free trial on major platforms such as Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax among many other platforms.

Why should you stream on OnlineMovies.Watch?

OnlineMovies.Watch does have an amazing UI/UX. It has a great interface followed by an equally impressive design to back it up. The menus are well designed and the content is well laid out. The dark color combination with green accents reminds me of Amazon Prime Video. And rightfully so as the website is an amazon affiliate platform. However, its library isn’t restricted to content available on Amazon.

Excellent Sort Function

I’m thrilled with the sort function. The gauge option in the sorting section feels amazing. It looks modern and is extremely useful. You can sort the content by ‘Release Date’, ‘Popularity’, and ‘Rating’. Since the website appears to be an amazon prime affiliate website, you have an option called ‘Filter on Amazon Titles’. Other than that, you have a ‘Release Year’ meter followed by ‘Decade Selection’. In addition, there’s an IMDb rating as well. The aesthetics, layout, and functionality are top-notch.

Genre-based Content Diversification

Finding content via genre is simple because of the categories in the header section. Based upon your mood, you can select any genre right away. There’s Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Documentary & Biography, Family, and Thriller among many other options. The title thumbnails are placed horizontally with a well-diversified section towards the right, keeping it all clean.

User-Friendly Ads

I can’t believe I’m stating this but I do like ads on this website. The ad-fill ratio is well-maintained and thus instead of disrupting, they add to the overall browsing experience. The well-designed banners that complement the design help the aesthetics. That’s the beauty of native and affiliate advertising. The amount of customization options and control that you get these days is amazing. The ads aren’t clamoring for your attention, they are static ads that can be easily ignored if you want.

In-depth streaming information

I really love the inner page which has all the streaming information. There’s an in-depth synopsis including streaming platform information, photos of cast and characters along with a host of other crucial information such as Genre, Release, Rating, Director, Stars, and Plot. If you’re attempting to watch a random title about which you have no idea about, you can read the plot to gain a fair understanding as to what you should expect.

What I love about this section is that right away you can learn about the platforms where you can find the content. For instance, I wanted to watch IT: Chapter Two and as soon as I clicked the title, I got the option of watching it on ‘Amazon Prime’ using the 30-Day free trial.

How to access OnlineMovies.Watch?

Accessing OnlineMovies.Watch is not easy because of the simple domain name. You can search for the term ‘OnlineMovies.Watch’ in your search engine but finding the website will be difficult because of the popularity of the keyword ‘Online Movies’. Thus, I’d recommend you use the “Click Here To Visit Website” button on the left to access the website.


The efforts of the developers are visible on this amazing website. You can say I’m biased towards websites with dark themes. But given the functionality and emphasis laid on efficient browsing and navigation, this website is one of the best streaming-related websites I’ve seen in recent times. The homepage banners, toggle options, search bar, and content placement – everything has been placed to perfection.


There are two header sections on the website. The primary header section has a logo towards the left and a search bar at the center. The secondary header section has various genres that allow you to find the content based upon your mood. You’ll find genres such as ‘Action’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Animation’, ‘Anime’, ‘Children’, ‘Comedy’, ‘Crime’, ‘Documentary & Biography’, and ‘Drama’.

Hero Section

The hero section is one of the most appealing sections on the website. There’s a homepage banner in the form of an affiliate Amazon Ad asking you to start your free trial. Under the banner, you can find the ‘Most Popular Movies’ section. Towards the right, you have the contemporary sort feature which elevates the entire hero section.


The body section on OnlineMovies.Watch has horizontal sections for different movies and tv shows. In this section, you can find five thumbnails in every row and various headings such as ‘New Movie Releases’, ‘Marvel vs DC’, ‘Best Rated IMDb Movies’, ‘Perfect for Movie Night’, ‘Best Movies on Amazon’. The categorization really feels as if you’re browsing on some premium streaming service.


The footer section on the website has three columns – ‘Watch Online’, ‘Movies’, and ‘See Also’, Under Watch Online, you have options such as ‘Sitemap’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Terms’, and ‘Privacy’. Under Movies, you have options such as ‘Browse Movies’, and under see also you have niche websites such as ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’.

Inner Pages

Hands down my favorite part on the website has to be the inner page. You can access the inner page if you click on any title on the homepage. When testing this website, I clicked on Avengers: Endgame. As soon as I clicked, I landed on the inner page which had an HD thumbnail towards the left followed by IMDb and Metacritic rating. Under the rating, there was information such as Rated, Director, Writer. Towards the center, you have a sorting feature with three main options – ‘Type’, ‘Free Trial’, and ‘Stream Quality’ (HD or 4K). The best part is that you get two additional sections wherein you have photos of all the cast members along with a recommendation section of similar movies.


Searching for content on this website is seamless, thanks to the search bar and intuitive sorting feature. You can find information on the IMDb Best Rated Movies such as ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘The Godfather’, ‘Love on the Leash’, and ‘The Dark Knight’. The website owing to its geotagging features is capable of showing you the top content in your region. Alongside that, the latest release section helps you stay up-to-date with fresh content such as ‘Mulan’, ‘Trolls World Tour’, ‘Onward’, ‘Peter Rabbit 2’, and ‘Escape from Pretoria’.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I loved browsing and navigating across the various sections on the website. OnlineMovies.Watch is optimized for all resolutions and thus you can stream this site from any devices. It’s quite responsive and there are no interruptions while browsing. For any category, you can click on the ‘View More’ option towards the right and you’ll find a plethora of thumbnails from the particular category.

Suggestions I have for OnlineMovies.Watch

I love everything about this website except that the developer is trying too hard to promote Amazon’s streaming services. Again, I’d like to reiterate that I don’t mind the ads but the extra effort is evident via the multiple banners across the homepage.


If you want to get information about streaming titles online in a legit manner, OnlineMovies.Watch is your go-to-platform. Though it kind of leans towards the content available on Amazon Prime Video, it does have in-depth content information about titles available on platforms such as Vudu, Disney+, Hulu, and many more.

Likes & Hates:
Intriguing UI/UX
In-depth Content Information
Detailed Cast Information
Excellent Sort Function
Pushes Amazon content too much