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Anime series and movies have pushed the envelope for creative storytelling. Thus, it’s no surprise that both teenagers and adults are drawn towards the content. There are thousands of anime series and TV shows, with some of them running for over 20 years. That’s a sign that not only the creators are able to provide short and fascinating content but also a long journey filled with thriller and filler episodes. For anime lovers, there are more than hundreds of quality streaming sites they can choose from. And for that reason, the anime streaming world is quite competitive.

There are certain websites that offer subs as well as dubs content whereas others prefer just subs or dubs. Today, we’re reviewing a streaming site called and so by its very name you can expect what you’ll find on the platform. It’s true that many hardcore anime fans hate the dub version but there are several shows which are deemed better in their dubbed version. Thus, it’s fair to say that it’s a matter of personal preference.

What is is a popular anime streaming website where you’ll find all the top dubbed anime content. You can access its vast library featuring a variety of genres for free. Millions of anime fans tune into to watch their favorite anime in HD quality. Anime series such as Pokémon, Death Note, One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Demon Slayer have millions of fans willing to watch the series on repeat. But don’t worry, even if you don’t like to stream any series twice, you can choose from over 700+ series on the platform.

Why should you stream on

There are plenty of reasons why you should stream on I’ll be sharing some key reasons as to why I love this website so much.

Extensive Content Lineup is a dedicated website for dubbed anime content. Which means that you get access to the best anime in English. There are many people who just don’t enjoy the subtitled version and for them, comes off as a savior. With an extensive lineup of anime, users get to watch all the top shows, trending ones, and those that have ended in an HD quality. They don’t have to settle for subtitles and instead enjoy the narration-based content.

Great Interface

Unlike the major IPTV and live streaming websites, takes a more professional approach and an anime-centric approach. Almost 80% of all anime sites that I’ve visited have an amazing interface. The dark layout and fancy banners just add to the overall playful nature of the website. Browsing and navigating around the website is seamless because there are no ads. The content is segregated well and finding your favorite show is super easy due to a variety of search and sort functions.

Visual appeal

I appreciate a good design when I see one. The moment you enter the website, the homepage has these center-aligned banners which look so cool. The developer uses these banners to share important information with the user base. These banners aren’t content-oriented. The galaxy-like banner in the background elevates the website and gives it a dreamy feel.

Genre-based content search

I love the genre-based content sorting function. Most people who are just getting started with their anime journey would appreciate this feature. Sorting content based upon the genre will help you unravel all the hidden gems. Not only do you get to search for a genre that you like, but you also get exposed to this realm of creativity and niche content. This allows you to learn more about the culture, watch something that’s not mainstream and be the promoter of that anime which other people have little to no idea about.

Dedicated Forum

I love how the developers have used the platform. Other than providing quality content, they have their account on Discord, Anime Merchandise Shop, as well as an in-built forum. The communication on this platform is top-notch because it houses a massive community. You’ll find answers to all your questions, all you need to do is to sign-up and post your queries. I love to interact on anime forums and discuss prophecies, alternate endings, and other crazy thoughts that the anime community shares.

How to access can be accessed in two simple ways. 1. Search for the term ‘JustDubs’, and you’ll find the website on the first page of your search results. 2. Use the following link:, to access the website directly. Before accessing the website make sure that you’re using an active VPN so you can protect your identity from hackers as well as your device from malware.


I love the design on this website and I appreciate the developer’s efforts. The dark theme followed by the galactic background really enhances the menus, categories, search panel, and banners. The color combination is quite simple with a black background and white text and that’s something which makes the website memorable.


The header section on has seven options – ‘Home’, ‘Forum’, ‘Full Anime list’, ‘Ongoing Anime’, ‘New Dubbed Episodes’, ‘Random Anime’, and ‘Genres’. I love the Random Anime feature as when you’re confused with what to watch, this option will provide you with a random suggestion. Likewise, you can access the full anime list to check the content depth and also use the genres section to browse content as per genres.

Hero Section

The hero section carries one of the most refreshing designs. The homepage banners are top-notch. Especially, with all the transparency and the layout merging with the background. The unique slider options with numerous blending elements just make it look superb. Under the sliders, you’d find the ‘New Series and Movies’ section on the left and a search bar towards the right.

Body’s body section is quite extensive. It is filled with thumbnails. There are three thumbnails in each row, all of them containing ongoing shows such as ‘Double Decker’, ‘Lupin’, ‘One Piece’, and ‘Beastars’. Towards the right, you have the ‘Newest Episodes’ section where you can start watching right away. Apart from the large thumbnails, you’ll find a forum, chat section, discord link, merchandise store, and other helpful navigation options.


The footer section doesn’t have navigation buttons but that’s okay. Why? Because you find everything in the sidebar towards the right. It’d be great if the genres and content sorting features would’ve been added to the footer section as it would’ve made navigating to the content much more seamless.

Inner Pages

The inner pages on the website are as impressive as the homepage. With the transparent layout, you see the content blending with the space theme. As soon as you land on the streaming page, you’ll see a huge title, followed by a drop-down menu where you can choose the episode. Under that, you’ll have a list of all the episodes from a particular season.

Towards the left, there’s a thumbnail followed by ‘Rating’, ‘Download Anime’, ‘Discuss Anime’, ‘Report as Scam’, and ‘Troubleshoot Video’. Under those options, you can finally read the plot and learn about the release date, duration, producers, ratings, and genre.


With 700+ anime series at your disposal, you’re not running out of content anytime soon. The extensive content lineup allows you to watch the latest series such as ‘Castlevania’, ‘Beastars’, ‘Lovestage’, and ‘KonoSuba’ alongside many others. Apart from these anime series, there are legendary series such as ‘One Piece’, ‘Pokémon’, ‘Death Note’, ‘Demon Slayer’, and ‘Naruto’ that you can find on this network.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed on using my Huawei Mate X Pro laptop, and I was content with the quality. Sure, it’s nowhere near animelab, kissanime or animejo, but it’s still a quality website. The best part about the website was that it didn’t have any ads. However, I have to inform you that the developer will be adding ads soon as I saw that in one of the banners. Overall, I don’t have much to complain and I’m sure you’ll have a quality time streaming on this website.

Suggestions I have for

While I do get that advertisements are crucial for bearing the server cost, I hope that the developers don’t go all out on making money. Moreover, the streaming is stable but it’s not something extraordinary, and so I’d love for the developers to work on that part before monetizing the platform.


If you’re looking for a backup anime site where you can watch all your favorite anime series, is certainly worth bookmarking. With a massive content catalog and stable streaming service, allows you to stream content without any hassle.

Likes & Hates:
Extensive Content Library
Immersive banners
Stable streaming
Cool interface
Streaming has room for improvement
The platform may feature ads soon