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I grew up in an age of parenting that has been highly criticized by some for its method of treating the television as a babysitter. That being said, some of my fondest memories from childhood stem from being sat in front of the TV for hours. I grew up on Nickelodeon and shows like Power Rangers, and I don’t think I would have had it any other way. And I like to think that I’m well-adjusted enough, despite watching hours of children’s entertainment during my formative years. Maybe I’m biased, but it seems as if this criticism of parents from my era depending too heavily on the TV to keep kids occupied may not be sound after all.

Plus, as a parent now myself, I can truly see the other side of it. Raising children is tough work. It requires constant time and attention – which, if you want to keep the lights and the heat on, we don’t always have. So, what is the harm really in throwing on a TV show that makes the kid happy so that you can do what you have to do to keep your job in the afternoons?

Look, I’m not saying it’s okay to neglect your kids and rely entirely on cartoons to teach and occupy them. Entertainment is certainly no substitution for parenting. I’m just saying that once in a while, life becomes way too busy to not have a toolbox of solid children’s entertainment for them to enjoy while you make sure you don’t fall behind with the other necessary demands of life.

Nowadays, parents are fortunate enough to have a ton of resources at our disposal. The TV, in other words, is no longer located just in the living room. We have mobile access to content now, which means that running those pesky errands with your kids in tow has become a heck of a lot easier. On top of that, living in an era of tons of streaming services, there are so many different routes to go when it comes to keeping our kids entertained.

Maybe you already have a Netflix account. If so, of course, there is a wealth of great children’s programming to choose from there. But, as we all well know, kids are expensive! Some of us may not be able to afford the extra $10 a month that these sorts of services can cost. When you’re a parent, every cent spent counts. This is why it is important for any parent to know about all of the great streaming sites out there for kids that are 100% free of cost.

However, as is the case with any free service, you want to make sure that the site you rely on has quality content – especially when it comes to what your kids are watching. In my opinion, if a kids’ show is entertaining, fine, but if it manages to be entertaining while also being in some way educational, all the better. When looking for a free cartoon streaming site, there is a certain level of trust which must be built. You can’t just throw on any old streaming site for your children and leave them to it; whatever site you end up choosing has to pass a very important test. And I’m here to help make that process just a little bit easier.


This brings us to a free streaming site for kids called Seez is Kids. This site was founded with one idea in mind: to provide children with a convenient, free, and no-strings resource for quality original content. Seez is Kids, on their About section, lays out what is essentially their mission statement: to provide “a VOD [Video On Demand] platform that focuses on the distribution of kids’ videos. We help young bloggers promote kids’ videos and boost their profits.”

They go on to say that “For users, we offer easy-to-use services and an extensive collection of kids’ videos available on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. In these videos packed with favorite rhymes, children can learn colors and numbers, enjoy seeing other kids playing in the playground, unboxing toys, and taking funny challenges. All videos are free to watch with no registration required.”

So, Seez is Kids makes it clear that they are all about offering high-quality, entertaining, and educational content in a way that makes it as easy and convenient for parents (and kids) as possible to view. What more can you really ask for from a free kids’ streaming platform? Plus, it is, at least in my opinion, very refreshing to find any production company (free or otherwise) that focuses on meaningful and educational content in this day and age.


The site is, I think, appropriately designed for children. It is fun, bursting with color and activity, and as easy as can be to navigate. The site relies more on images and thumbnails than it does text (again, a smart move for a kids’ platform), and is so user-friendly that even your toddler could eventually figure out how to use it on her own.

Seez is Kids has a site menu bar at the top of its home page that does not look like any site menu bar I have ever seen before. Instead of separating content by labeled categories, Seez is Kids does so with pictures that are tagged, further fostering the connections that your young child needs to be making as he navigates the site. For instance, if you want to find train videos, simply click on the animated train icon. The same is true for cars, colors, nursery rhymes, numbers, etc.

Below this menu, you’ll find videos by category, splayed out in a sort of Netflix format – horizontally scrollable menus that are, in this case, organized categorically. Browse through Baby Kids Songs, Pretty Patty’s Baby Rhymes, Learning with Colored Eggs, 3D Cartoons about Cars. The list goes on and on. These sections are all also found in a dropdown hamburger menu (and are, again, are heavily image-based).


The videos themselves on Seez is Kids are all original. That being said, for original content on a free streaming service, they are also very well done. In fact, the short shows on this site rival those of many of the major kids’ cable networks. What I especially love about many of the Seez is Kids videos is the fact that they are, at the end of the day, educational. They are not just flashy and colorful for the sake of keeping your kid occupied. They are reinforcing schemas and healthy brain development while also keeping them engaged.

As far as age-appropriateness is concerned, though, I think Seez is Kids could be a tad bit limited. Based on the type of content – nursery rhymes, basic number/simple word recognition, etc., I would say that Seez is Kids would be appropriate for children up until they outgrow the toddler stage. So, 0-4 years old, probably, is what I would go with. Once they hit 5 and older, it may be time to find a different, more age-appropriate site.

Desktop and Mobile Experience

The desktop experience, as I’ve already touched on a little bit, is great. Like I said, it is very easy to navigate, and I love how kid-friendly the site design is. Unfortunately, and this may not be much of a surprise given the free nature of the site, there is not a Seez is Kids app at this time. Of course, an app always makes navigating content ten times easier, but there is a decent alternative.

The mobile site for Seez is Kids is one of the best mobile sites I have seen in a while. It is very much optimized for smartphones and tablets. It’s just as easy to use, and the streaming quality does not suffer in the slightest regardless of what device you are viewing it on.

Suggestions that I have for Seez is Kids

Well, the first thing that I would like to see Seez is Kids to in the future is to develop an app. Even if it is very basic, it would be nice to have a contained, totally safe space for children to access only Seez is Kids content. Secondly, Seez is Kids operates on ad revenue. Personally, I’m not crazy about my children being advertised to. So, it would be cool if Seez is Kids offered a premium service where content could be viewed ad-free.

Likes & Hates:
Tons of great free kids’ content
Awesome child-friendly site design
Great desktop and mobile experience
Small age-range for content
No app