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When you dive deep into the ocean, you’ll come across various creatures. Some harmless while some thirsty for your blood. The ocean analogy fits perfectly with free streaming websites. While there are a plethora of quality streaming sites, there are many unsafe and good-for-nothing sites that can cause harm to your device as well as your financial status. The website that we’re going to review today is called StreamHunters which falls in the unsafe category and is a replica of the website – LS hunters – which we reviewed last week.

What is StreamHunters?

StreamHunters refers to itself as a sports directory catering to the needs of sports audiences from around the world. It allows users to watch different sports streams such as Football, handball, basketball, Rugby, NFL, MotoGP, Tennis and Volleyball. The problem I have with this website is related to its fake claims. You can’t access a single match and all it does is redirecting you to a third-party betting website.

Why should you stream on StreamHunters?

Having scrutinized this website before we’ve even begun, I know you’re not having any positive thoughts about this stream. But credit where credit’s due and I will highlight some of the features that I liked on the website.

Search Function

Regardless of how basic this function is, it’s still an important one from a user-experience standpoint. Even if the developers don’t provide you with streaming links, this is one function that seems to work fine. By using the search function you’re able to find the fixtures in no time. Within a second, you’ll find the content you want to watch. (You can’t stream content, that’s another thing, but the search function works, so that’s a positive).

Sports Schedule

One thing I’d like to admit about Streamhunters is the way they have listed the content in the hero section. There’s a proper schedule of each fixture including details such as team names and timing. Another respectable element is that on days when there are no fixtures, it won’t show you any results thereby preventing time wastage.

Apart from these few positive points, I want to share with you some crucial points as to why you shouldn’t stream on this website.

Unaccessible links

Forget about poor or quality links. You can’t access any fixture at all. Recently, I wanted to watch an FA Cup match between Chelsea and Liverpool. I tried different links on the website, but none of them had an actual stream. Even the poorest of websites somehow manage to redirect you to a third-party stream. But SportsHunters redirects you to a betting website 9 times out of 10.

Can’t stream content

After my poor experience with LShunters I decided that I’m not going to waste a couple of hours. Thus, I just browsed around the website for 20 minutes and bounced off. Literally everything you’d find on LShunters, you’d find it on SportHunters too. You can’t really access the content. I didn’t even try streaming on another day because I knew that the links or streaming wasn’t going to improve.

Rise of competing services

StreamHunters along with other streaming sites from the Hunters group used to be huge back in the day. However, with the rise of trustworthy streaming services such as VIPLeague, Stream2watch, and Livesport, the viewers that used to stream sports on this platform are preferring alternatives. StreamHunters as a sports streaming platform doesn’t have much going it’s way.

Frequent redirects & misclicks

You know a website is a scam when you’re redirected before you’ve barely entered the website. I tried watching the Chelsea vs Liverpool fixture, but before I could click on any link, it redirected me to Bovada. It just keeps redirecting and maybe that’s how the developers are making money off of CPC ads.

StreamHunters is not even a shadow of its past self. It keeps updating content and that’s the sign that the developers are working in the background. However, none of them cares about the user experience and they don’t care if you are able to stream or not. They are making money through CPC, affiliate ads and there’s nothing we can do as a free streamer for obvious reasons.

How to access StreamHunters?

You can access StreamHunters in either of two ways. First, search for the term ‘ or Stream hunter’ in your search engine. Second, use the following link:


I went too hard about the design aspect of the LShunters review. However, I still cannot convince myself to like this website. There are a few features here and there which attract your attention, but that’s all. The color combination, navigation options, and overall design just look bland in comparison to other streaming sites.


The header section of StreamHunters has a digital clock beside the search bar. Under those features, you can find 13 different categories – Start, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Moto, Rugby, NFL, Tennis, Volleyball, Box, and others. Under these categories, you’ll see two options – ‘For Webmasters’ and ‘For Streamers’.

Hero Section

The hero section of StreamHunters is somewhat likable because of the straight forward approach. You can find the live fixture section at the center. The homepage is dominated by this section and you’ll find updated fixtures every day. Another interesting part on this website is the sort feature which allows you to trim down the matches by choosing the sport.


The body section continues from where the hero section left off. It is filled with different matches. You’ll find a list of recent fixtures and upcoming ones placed in a horizontal format. You can use the sort function to reduce the number of results for that particular day.


The footer section on the website doesn’t have navigation options. All you’d find in the section is Terms of Service and DMCA which is still respectable as compared to some of the streaming sites that we’ve reviewed lately.

Inner Pages

You can access the inner pages by clicking on any option on the hero section. It’s quite similar to what you saw on the homepage. Everything looks good thus far, but as soon as you try to click a link, everything goes haywire within a few seconds.


The only piece of content that you’d find is the updated fixture list. You can’t actually stream matches on this platform. I wish the developers could at least bother to add a live commentary feature so the users can stay glued, but sadly, even that hasn’t been considered. The only way you can make sense of this website is if you want to stay updated with the fixture list. That’s all. Visit the website, check the main matches on the day, go and stream it on some other website.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Though I don’t want to bash the overall experience on this website once again. I can’t believe that a website can be so wasteful. A disappointing streaming experience from my laptop and my mobile phone sum up my point-of-view towards this platform. Frequent misclicks, redirections and affiliate ads are the reasons why this website is designed, not for actual content.

Suggestions I have for StreamHuntersSuggestions I have for StreamHunters

I’d just advise the developers of StreamHunters to get their act together. I mean if you’re spending a considerable time setting up the website and updating the content, why not add actual streaming links that work.


StreamHunters is a total waste of time. It’s better you follow the google updates or listen to some audio commentary on YouTube as opposed to streaming on this platform. It simply lacks the key features that are essential for a quality streaming experience.

Likes & Hates:
Fixture details
Sorting feature
No streaming links
Frequent misclicks
Frequent redirects
Poor design