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Online streaming services have expanded to more than one form of content creation. Today, you can find various types of content such as movies, tv shows, reality shows, cartoons and anime series on premium and free networks. While premium networks generally follow the all-you-can-watch model, the viewers are not inclined towards those services unless they have original content. As a cord-cutting alternative, people generally rely on satellite tv but with the ever-increasing price of the service, an increasing number of viewers are leaning towards streaming services.

Among streaming services, there are premium as well as free streaming services. The best part about the anime niche is that there are plenty of services out there that allow users to watch HD content for free and without any registration. A particular website that has a humongous database and is known to provide supreme video quality is Animebam. With the unorthodox design approach and extensive content library, Animebam has enough meat to satiate your content desires. Let’s learn more about this platform.

What is Animebam?

Animebam is a free anime streaming platform that offers quality content to anime lovers around the world. It has a huge community eager towards the new releases. It offers a wide range of genres and even provides regular updates to its users. There is a massive anime collection with a huge list of series which ensures that there’s content for everyone.

Why should you stream on Animebam?

Animebam is a special website with loads of interesting features and that’s the reason why you should definitely stream on this platform. Let us check out some of the key features on the website.

Simple Design

You might like or dislike the design based upon your taste. Based on my preference, I seem to like the no-nonsense approach taken by the developers. The moment you step onto the website, it’s filled with titles and details. Sure, it lacks thumbnails and other appealing elements, but I prefer simple design as opposed to the fancy approach and adverts. Three shades of teal blue color flow evenly throughout the website.

Integrated Player

I prefer watching anime on websites that host their own content. Most of these websites have minimal ads and have their own player. This video player isn’t bombarded with ads and you don’t have to worry about malware as much. An integrated player is also a sign that the website won’t throw you on a third-party ad network which can lead your device to malware. Thus, these sites are trustworthy as compared to the ones that keep bugging you about updating the Flash Player.

Community Interaction

Though not many people interact using the options, I still like the fact that the developers have added this feature. Users are allowed to comment on every single episode available on the network. It’s a great place to gauge the audience’s opinion about a certain episode. You can interact with fellow viewers by asking questions, answering queries and even seeking help if you’re facing any streaming issues.

Minimal Ad Experience

I don’t mind developers inserting ads on their website. I know that the majority of these websites are able to afford the server cost via these ads. Small niche sites that don’t have a massive following and aren’t community funded, find it hard to survive. However, sites such as Animebam though they don’t have additional support still manage to emphasize user experience. It allows users to watch content with minimal ads. These are just the usual banner ads on the sidebar that aren’t intrusive,

How to access Animebam?

You can access Animebam in either of the two ways. 1. Search for the term ‘Animebam’ and you’ll likely find the website on the first page of your search results. 2, Use the following link: Animebam to access the website directly. When accessing the website make sure to use an active VPN to protect you from hackers.


All of us can appreciate the simple approach taken by the developer. The website looks clean and crisp. The dark and light teal blue combination looks great. Most of the CTA buttons with light blue background add depth to the pages. There is visual consistency throughout the website which helps build trust among the users.


The header section on the website is quite straightforward. There’s an attractive logo on the left, the search bar at the center and three main options towards the right – Browse, Popular, and Random. If this is your first experience on an anime site, the random option will present you with a random content on the website so you can get started with your anime journey.

Hero Section

The hero section on Animebam has an unconventional approach. There are no banners or sliding thumbnails on the homepage. The hero section begins with a small text and ‘Latest Episodes’ section. There’s a list of all the episodes (just names) in the entire section. It’s only towards the right side that you’ll find some tiny thumbnails under the ‘Popular Anime’ section.


The body section doesn’t have much substance either. The list that you see in the hero section continues until the body section and it ends on a single scroll. It’s quite fair to say that the design is compact. Yet again, you have tiny thumbnails with popular anime towards the right.


The footer section looks slightly odd because the text isn’t legible. The light grey text on the dark grey background isn’t the best option if you want the user to read the navigation labels. Having said that, there are a few key options in this section including ‘Terms of Service’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘RSS Feed’, ‘GBA ROMs’, ‘Download ROMs’, and ‘Naruto Shippuden’.

Inner Pages

I like the design of the inner pages. It’s not as attractive and scintillating as 4anime but it certainly keeps you glued. There’s a title, a short synopsis followed by a huge video player. You have certain toggle options such as moving back and forth and deciding the quality. The upper part of the stream page looks good but the lower part is messier. There’s a native advert banner just about the rating and social interaction section. The ad placement is poor mainly because it discourages the audience to engage with other users fearing a misclick.


Animebam has a huge content catalog filled with over 2000 anime series. These include iconic series along with the freshly aired ones. Some of the popular ongoing titles available on the website include ‘Black Clover’, ‘ARP Backstage Pass’, ‘Brand New Animal’, ‘Heya Camp’, ‘Chihayafuru 3’, ‘One Piece’ and many others. Other than these ongoing shows, you can find plenty of iconic titles such as ‘Death Note’, ‘Demon Slayer’, ‘Dragon Ball Z’, ‘Bleach’, ‘Detective Conan’, ‘Hunter X Hunter’, ‘Naruto Shippuden’, and ‘Beyblade’.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed Animebam on my Acer Aspire laptop and my Google Pixel 3a and had a great time. The website is optimized for mobile streaming which makes watching anime on mobile much more convenient. Animebam might not be as popular as the website that we’ve reviewed in the past but it does maintain a pretty good streaming standard. You might not like the homepage or the lack of options in the body section but you’ll certainly appreciate the streaming page because of the clean video player design.

I was on a run to finish all the filler Naruto episodes in a month and I decided to use Animebam for this experience. Over a period of seven days, I streamed about 30 episodes and I hardly faced any issues. At 32MBPS, I was able to watch all the content in 1080p without any lag or buffering. The audio quality was top-notch and stream stability made the experience much better.

Suggestions I have for Animebam

I believe that with a little bit of effort, Animebam can truly become a complete package. If the developers work towards adding creative banners and improve the placement of ads, I can’t see why this website won’t become one of the most popular anime streaming sites out there.


Animebam is a quality anime streaming website. Even in its current form, I don’t have much to complain about. You’ll find all the top content on the website with considerable ease. Browsing and streaming on this website are seamless and thus I strongly recommend you check it out.

Likes & Hates:
In-depth content library
Quality streaming player
Minimal ads
Simple design
Lack of homepage banners
Poor placement of comment section