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The rise of YouTube has seen dozens of video streaming platforms enter the fray. While not a single platform can match YouTube’s dominance, there are plenty of video streaming websites that have a tiny say in the “streamosphere.” While Twitch continues to dominate the live streaming market, YouTube continues to dominate the overall video streaming platform. Amidst both these giants, there’s a tiny video streaming service called Veoh. On this platform, you’ll find short clips, free movies, TV shows, and other animations.

What is Veoh?

Veoh is an internet streaming service where users can upload short videos, movies, and TV shows. It’s not a new app or an idea that we haven’t heard yet. Random clips uploaded by the users isn’t a fresh concept. However, there’s no denying that there are tons of videos on this platform. You can upload videos in a wide range of platforms with no restrictions on the resolution, length or file size. This platform organizes the content based upon the duration, and you get to watch the content bifurcated across various categories.

Why should you stream on Veoh?

There are plenty of reasons why you should stream and not stream on Veoh. In this review, I’d be sharing some good and bad points about this streaming platform.

Content Library

Sure, Veoh is nowhere near YouTube or Twitch when it comes to video strength, but it does host over a million videos. This streaming service has music, movies, videos, channels, and unique content from regular contributors. You have 13 subcategories to choose from including the likes of ‘Action,’ ‘Comedy,’ ‘Horror,’ ‘Adventure,’ ‘Drama,’ ‘Family,’ ‘Sci-Fi,’ ‘Fantasy,’ ‘Cartoon,’ Crime,’ ‘Romance,’ ‘Musicals’ and ‘Documentary.’

Filter Option

Veoh allows you to filter content based upon your preference. Thus, you can filter films as per the length, language, popularity, alphabet, date of upload, and even subtitle. Most of the videos on the platform are medium-form content ranging between 3-45 minutes. If you want to watch a video longer than an hour, you are required to download it. The only downside to this platform is that it’s not directed towards the English-speaking audience.

Language Preference

You’ll find content in various languages such as French, German, Japanese, Hindi, Swedish, Chinese, Arabic, etc. But you won’t have many videos in English. At the time of writing this review, there were no more than 330 English videos on the platform. Based on this, you can understand that if you just know English, this platform is not your best entertainment option.

Download option

All the videos on Veoh can be downloaded. All you have to do to download the videos is to get the VeohTV desktop app. If the video is over 45 minutes, you can’t stream it, and thus downloading is the only option you have. Apart from downloading, you can even upload content of up to 100 MB not just from your hard disk, but also using a URL.

Why shouldn’t you stream on Veoh?

Given that there’s not much content for English or Spanish audiences wasting your time streaming on this platform just doesn’t make much sense. You’d hope for subtitles, which are present in several videos, but not all. Thus, I don’t know how helpful it is. As for browsing and navigating around the website, you can choose between English, Japanese, German, Mexican, and Spanish for language preference. (which doesn’t make any sense given the content is predominantly in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or Arabic language)

Video Quality

Unlike other free streaming services, Veoh does have toggle options. Using these, you can access the HQ button to choose the quality. Most of the content available on the platform is SD quality or lower. So, expect standard quality videos and not HQ. Sure, a high-quality stream option will improve the overall quality, but it won’t make a startling difference. Another thing I like about watching videos on this platform is that you can expand the video size, view it on medium-screen mode where the player doesn’t eat up the entire screen.

How to access Veoh?

There are two ways in which you can access Veoh. 1. Search for the term ‘Veoh,’ and you’ll find the website on the first page of your search results. 2. Use the link button on the left to access the website directly. Before accessing the website, make sure that you’re using an active VPN so you can protect your identity from hackers as well as your device from malware.


If we’re considering this to be a competitive video streaming platform, it’s average at best. The content placement, banners, and native ads are ridiculous. While the layout – header, menus, and navigation options are good, the content itself will make you bounce off the platform immediately. It reminds me of an absurd social media platform called ‘Like Video.’


There are multiple header sections on this website. The primary one has a black background with a logo towards the left. Besides that, you can find the search bar, and towards the right, you have the sign-up options. Then comes the secondary header with five categories – Videos, Movies, Music, Channels, and Groups. Each of these categories has a drop-down menu. For instance, under music, you can choose from a wide range of platforms such as ‘Alternative,’ ‘Classical,’ ‘Country,’ ‘Electronic,’ ‘Folk,’ ‘Hip-Hop/Rap,’ ‘Jazz,’ ‘Latin,’ ‘Metal,’ ‘Pop,’ ‘RnB,’ ‘Rock,’ and many others.

Hero Section

The hero section is a mixed bag. While the layout and interface look good, the thumbnails look poor because they are user uploaded. The creators don’t put much effort into creating thumbnails because most of them don’t even know about it. There wasn’t a feature to add your thumbnails until a few months ago.


The body section is filled with user-uploaded videos. Herein, you’ll find videos such as ‘Top 10 Surprisingly R-Rated Comedies’, ‘Top 10 Animated Movies for Adults’, ‘Top 10 Gundam Pilots’, etc. There are various sections, such as Pickup, Most Viewed Video, and New, where you can find unique content. Even in the body section, you can find a third-party ad towards the right.


The footer section does have the necessary content such as ‘Terms of Use,’ ‘Copyright,’ ‘Privacy Policy,’ ‘About,’ and ‘EULA.’ Other than those, you can find ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ icons along with your language preference options. With a blue background and white text, it does complement the rest of the theme on the website.

Inner Pages

The inner pages, especially the streaming page, is better than what I expected. There’s a mid-sized stream player with a variety of toggle options such as Play/Pause, runtime, volume adjustment, Portrait/Landscape, Streaming Quality, and Full-Screen. Under the player, you’ll find information such as the Title, Uploaded by Category, Date of Upload, File Size, Length, Language, and Tags. Under that, you have two options – Add to Favorites and Add to Group with a link underneath those options.


Veoh has over a million videos on its platform, with nearly 7000 of them being full-length movies. There are 1500, which are above 60 minutes, and out of those 300 movies are in the English language. Sure, it doesn’t boast the most extensive collection of normal movies, but it does have a massive library of short user-uploaded videos.

Having said that, there are more than a dozen genres that you can choose from. Other than that, you have the sorting feature using which you can sort the content based upon the length, language, subtitle, popularity, and title.

Desktop/Mobile experience

The only thing I’d say is that expect less and you won’t be disappointed. Everything’s simple and to the point. There’s nothing mind-blowing on this platform and I have no idea why people even use it. It’s ordinary at best and given the cut-throat competition in the video streaming niche, the developers will really need to pull something out of their hats to make Veoh stand apart. I do appreciate the absence of pre-roll ads. There are banner ads, and they are annoying enough but not more than the pre-roll ones. I streamed Veoh on my HP15 laptop, and there was a 4-10 seconds buffer before every video.

Suggestions I have for Veoh

Veoh needs a complete makeover. The fact that the developers are resorting to banner ads instead of membership goes to show the lack of interest from users in the platform. There are chops of content here and there, but nothing significant enough to hook me to this platform.


You can check it out if you have spare time. I’m not a big fan of the platform or the content on it. Sorting is not as cool as it appears and the overall website is not that pleasing in terms of browsing, navigation, and streaming.

Likes & Hates:
Decent Content Library
User interface
Allows downloading
Average streaming
Poor thumbnails
Lack of English titles