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There are dozens of free streaming sites that allow you to watch live content for free. Just hop on the internet and type ‘free streaming websites’, you’ll find Quora answers, Reddit threads and YouTube videos providing you the detailed information. The best part about these free sports streaming sites is that you don’t need to make any payments, and most of them don’t even require you to register.

As a sports freak, I’ve been glued to these free streaming websites primarily because of the improvements in recent years. That’s something that leads me towards free streaming sites such as Streamwoop which is more than capable of providing a quality streaming experience.

Personally, I have a library of 1500 sports channels from various countries. Thus, when I realize that a particular fixture is not available on a premium site, I make use of my library. By the library, I’m referring to a list of my streaming sites that I maintain so I can access them at the time of need. A website that sources most of the streaming content is Streamwoop.

What is Streamwoop?

Streamwoop is a free sport streaming website that allows the users to watch live sports, replays, and highlights throughout the day. It is one of the sites with the biggest sports index you’ll find on the internet. There are tons of sports content on the website and you can enjoy all of them in HD quality. Apart from the live streams of particular games, you can even access a wide range of online television channels on this platform.

Why should you stream on Streamwoop?

Streamwoop is a great website that emphasizes user-experience. And what’s the best way to improve the user experience? Keep the ads minimal. That’s right. You can stream any sports event on the website and you won’t be bombarded with banner ads. There are just a few hands on the website. You’ll find one right above the footer and then there’s one on the inner page above the stream. That’s all.

Intuitive design

Streamwoop gives you the premium feel as soon as you enter the website. The red/black/blue color combination along with the well-designed menus make up for a great interface. Small windows with detail about each fixture allow you to check the score and proceedings on the homepage itself. You can find a dedicated replay section where you can watch highlights from different competitions.


The most impressive feature on this website according to me is the user-guide. This well-designed section helps you stay abreast of everything that’s happening on the network. You can find all the upcoming sports fixtures on the homepage. I find this feature quite handy, as I can set a reminder for a particular match in advance.

Streaming with no registration

On streamwoop, you can enjoy sport streams in high quality without having to register. So if you’re looking for live streams, replays or highlights, you search for quality sports content is over. Streamwoop’s dedication to offering the best sports content is visible on their website. This website doesn’t require you to waste any time on registration and get started with the action right away. You can make use of the Facebook bot, to find the live stream of your favorite team.

Instant Replays and Highlights

Tired of waiting for YouTube videos showing the highlights of the game you just missed? Don’t worry, Streamwoop will provide you with instant replays and online highlights that you want to watch. From daily goals to highlights from recent games, you can watch a wide range of content on this website.

Quality streaming links

Streamwoop is able to provide a magnificent streaming experience to its users because it chooses each link carefully. On this platform, you’ll find streams from renowned streaming platforms such as Rojadirecta, Wiziwig, Batmanstream, Jokerstreams, and P2P streaming. A directory with such a strong network of links has all the capabilities to provide you with a seamless streaming experience.

How to access Streamwoop?

Accessing Streamwoop is not much of a challenge. You can search for the keyword ‘Streamwoop’ in your search engine and you’ll find it on the first page of your search results. If you want to access the website directly, you can use the following link: Streamwoop.


Streamwoop has quite a distinctive design as compared to the other free streaming services. The light and dark grey menu options with a white background are appealing to the eye. The green and orange colors used to designate fixtures look groovy as well. There are several sections on the homepage and they are placed well which adds up to the overall user-experience.


The header section on this website features a logo on the left, a search bar at the center and replay, widget options towards the right. You can use the search bar if you want to watch a specific fixture. For instance, if you want to watch Fury vs Wilder 2, you can search for that and will probably find the stream quicker as compared to searching via the listed options.

Hero Section

The Hero section of Streamwoop looks quite good. Even though there are no banner or slider options, it still looks good. There are three main sections in this area – Categories, Live Events, and Sport Replays. In the categories section, you can find different sports such as Tennis, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Boxing, and Others. Under that section, you have a live sports streaming section with a list of all the fixtures. Towards the right, you can find sports replays from all the top matches that concluded recently.


The body section of the website has Tending competitions and Today’s events. The fixtures that are about to air are listed under the ‘Today’s events’ section. Whereas trending competitions has a list of different competitions such as NBA, MLB, ATP, WTA, NCAA, Bundesliga, Sweden SHL, and KHL.


The footer section of Streamwoop has three options – Home, Replays, and Facebook Bot. I’ve already shared the use of Facebook bot with you. Other than that, the replay option will direct you towards the replay section that we saw above.

Inner Pages

The inner pages on Streamwoop are designed quite well. You can access an inner page by clicking on any option on the homepage. There’s a media player right under the title. Under the player, you can find up to 3 different links for each event. Towards the right, you can find two small sections – Live/Links and Replays.


Streamwoop provides you with the best content from the most popular leagues around the world. You can watch a plethora of sports on this network including the likes of Basketball, Baseball, Football, Ice Hockey, Badminton, MotoGP, Formula 1, Boxing, Tennis, Badminton, Ice Hockey and many more.

The website suggests that it provides IPTV channels but I couldn’t find any channels as they weren’t directly listed on the homepage. However, on the streaming page, I could find the source stream which had the channel name. Having said that, I wasn’t able to click on the text, so maybe that is something that the developers are working on.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I had a great time streaming on Streamwoop. Initially, I checked the website on my HP 15 laptop and then tried streaming on my Android device. Though the experience on mobile wasn’t a pleasant one, I was more than satisfied with my time on the desktop. The website claims that you don’t have to create an account but it turns out that it’s not true. Just as you click on any stream, you are required to sign-up before you can stream the content. Thus, I created an account and it was only after that step that I was able to watch the match.

Suggestions I have for Streamwoop

I don’t get why the developers make false claims? When the website clearly states that you don’t have to sign-up, shouldn’t it be that way? By asking the users to sign-up, you’re doing nothing more than pushing them away from your platform. Apart from this little issue, I don’t have any problem with this website.


If you love sports and are looking for a reliable sports streaming website, Streamwoop is a platform you ought to check out. It offers comprehensive sports coverage, and thus you won’t miss a beat once you visit the website.

Likes & Hates:
Minimal ads
Intuitive design
Good streaming links
Requires sign-up
Frequent misclicks