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In this day and age, pay-per-views are able to gather crazy numbers because of the advent of streaming technology. The audience isn’t just streaming on the traditional network but through streaming services as well. For the organizers, streaming is partly favorable and partly disadvantageous. Why? Because there are plenty of free streaming services providing PPV events to a large number of audiences for free. So, why would an individual pay $40-60 when they can watch the event for free?

For people who are well-versed with free PPV streaming, I’m sure you might have heard the name ‘Feed2all’. It is one of the most popular sports streaming platforms where you can find live and on-demand sports content from most sports disciplines such as football, cricket, ice hockey, basketball, boxing, UFC, Rugby and Tennis among many others.

What is Feed2all?

Feed2all is a free sports streaming website that allows users to watch more than 25 different sports on a single platform. Consider this to be a strong competitor to VIPLeague, which ticks all the right boxes when it comes to sports streaming. Feed2all, with its simple user interface and a reliable network, has been able to capture its audience’s imagination for some time now. Unlike major streaming sites, Feed2all hardly has downtime, and thus you can expect stability from the platform.

I love to stream UEFA Champions League fixtures on this platform. Sure the stream doesn’t work in real-time and it’s a minute behind the actual broadcast but that shouldn’t be a problem if you keep your phone aside to stay away from spoilers. The website refreshes every 5 minutes and thus, you can easily stream the latest games without having to wait for tidbits to be available on YouTube or DailyMotion.

Why should you stream on Feed2all?

If you’re a sports lover, there are plenty of reasons as to why Feed2all will be a great fit to fulfill your content requirements. However, that’s not all. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite reasons as to why I stream on this network.

Simple interface

Though I’m not a big fan of the overall design, I have to admit that the interface is quite subtle. Similar to many top live sports streaming websites, Feed2all is filled with content with no graphical appeal. That’s the case with many IPTV and live-streaming services. When you’re streaming sports live, you just want to be able to navigate easily and find the games you’re looking for. If that works out fine then honestly you wouldn’t care much about the graphical element.

Stable streaming experience

Once again, Feed2all does provide a good streaming experience but not the best. I like streaming on this platform because it has very few ads. Low adverts and pop-ups mean I can watch the match without having to deal with an unnecessary ad or annoying pop-up. Overall, the streaming quality is smooth, and apart from the initial loading time; you wouldn’t face any discrepancies.

Timezone adjustment & highlights

Many people in Southern Asia fail to keep up with the time when it comes to American sports such as Boxing, UFC, Basketball, etc. Through the timezone adjustment feature, users have the freedom to adjust it as per their preference. This will help them to tune in to the stream based upon the time in their country. Getting updates on various games is super easy when you set the time frame. In addition to timezone adjustment, all the upcoming games are highlighted with a supporting logo so you can stay up-to-date with what’s about to air.

Multiple links

A quality streaming website will never deprive a viewer of options. For every sporting event, you’ll find at least three links – Link 1, Link 2, and HD links. Thus, based upon your internet connection, you can choose if you want to stream in SD or HD quality. Providing two links helps the viewers to check the alternate link if the first one isn’t working. All of us can appreciate the effort behind this.

How to access Feed2all?

Accessing Feed2all is quite simple. You can do so in two possible ways. 1. Search for the term ‘Feed2all’ and you’ll likely find the website on the first page of your search results. 2. Use the button on the left to access the website directly. Regardless of which way you choose to access the website, don’t forget to use a VPN.


Honestly, I don’t set a high expectation when it comes to the design of free live streaming websites. Most of them are content-laden with complete emphasis on function over form. The no-nonsense approach is helpful in a way as users don’t really visit the website to browse and navigate. They already know what they want to watch and so they’re more likely to head towards the match than exploring the website.


Feed2all doesn’t have a designated header section. However, it does have two options – ‘Add to your favorites’, and ‘Live Score’ beside the logo. Under these options, you’ll find a leaderboard banner with CTA buttons – ‘Watch HD’, and ‘Download’. But I advise you do not click on any ad banner because it’s most likely going to redirect you to a third-party website. In my case, I was redirected to a Download Manager extension.

Hero Section

The hero section has a list of all the sports that you can watch live on the network. There are as many as 17 options under the leaderboard banner. After exploring the website, I can suggest that you can watch over 25 different sports. Under these categories, you have the website clock which you can set as per your timezone and under that, you have the channels.

At the time of writing this review, there were numerous sports channels in this section including ESPN, Sky Sports, MUTV, Chelsea TV, EuroSports, BT Sports, and Liverpool FC TV. It was great to see that the developers plugged in the Corona Pandemic Update as well. (That’s quite considerate).


There’s no body section on Feed2all. As mentioned earlier, the website is compact and follows a non-draggy approach. Thus, every important element has been captured either in the header section or the hero section.


While I can do without a body section with the developers taking the compact route, I can’t make a live streaming website without the footer section. The absence of the footer section means that you can’t navigate freely, nor can you access Privacy Policy, DMCA Notice and other essential pages which are important. But once again, the website is so compact, that you don’t even have to scroll up. So, in this case, I can give the developer a pass for missing out on this important feature.

Inner Pages

The inner page which is the streaming page is quite similar to the homepage in terms of layout. You have all the different categories under the header section. Under that, you have the stream player. Recently, I tried tuning in to WWE Network through this website and was provided with four links. Under the stream player, you have ‘How can I watch the game for free?’. Make sure you read it if you’re streaming for the first time.


Feed2all has plenty of sports content on the website. You’ll find live coverage of a variety of sports such as Football, American Football, Baseball, Boxing, UFC, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Motorsport, Golf, Baseball, Darts, Snooker, Handball, Cricket, Olympics, MotoGP, F1, and others. Just learn about the fixture date, visit the platform, click on the category, and start watching live events right away. Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed Feed2all from my HP15 Notebook and my Google Pixel 3a. Overall, I had a mixed experience streaming on this platform. For instance, I was able to access some streams instantaneously whilst I couldn’t access some streams after trying for over 10 minutes. So, streaming live events on this website is purely based upon your luck. Which is kind of sad when you want to watch a significant fixture such as a play-off or a final.

Suggestions I have for Feed2all

If Feed2all wants to be a leading sports streaming website, it needs to pay attention to the quality of streaming links. I’m sure all of us can compromise on aesthetics but the developers need to pay attention to the streams and the links.


Streaming on Feed2all can be frustrating if you’re unable to find a link that works. The lack of quality links can rub you the wrong way quite easily. Thus, I don’t recommend you treat Feed2all as your go-to-streaming website for sports but rather as a backup. So, in case if the prominent networks are down, you have something to rely on.

Likes & Hates:
Extensive Sports Coverage
Time Zone adjustments
Multiple links
The update takes five minutes
Streaming links are not the best