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If you’re a sports lover, you’re fixated with watching live matches, highlight reels and reading featured stories. For fans, their experience of a particular sport is not just limited to the television coverage, they are intrigued by the preview, post-match analysis, transfer news and other speculations surrounding their favorite team. Most sports fanatics simply cannot entertain the thought of missing out on a single match during a season. I’m saying that because I’m the same.

Quality free sports streaming websites are hard to find primarily because most of them are filled with pop-up ads from head-to-toe. Other than that, most streaming websites provide links that don’t work. And some of them aren’t even streaming websites. The website that we’re reviewing today – is one of those that isn’t a streaming site. Rather, it’s an information portal like, B/R Live, One Football and many others. But stick with me, it’s actually pretty good.

What is is a sports website that provides comprehensive information about various fixtures, streams, and predictions. Whether you want to catch up with football or tennis, basketball or baseball, has you covered. It offers different leagues and matches that are being played across the globe. You can search matches using the date or based upon the progress. You can even check if a particular fixture is live, finished or is about to start.

How does work? works as a sports directory. Using its algorithms, it is able to gather live sports streaming content from across the web. It doesn’t provide links but it does offer the names of the platforms upon which you can watch the fixtures. Thus, you can stay up-to-date about all the matches when you visit this website. Additionally, it provides you with tons of helpful and informative resources such as prediction scores, stats, and betting odds.

Why should you stream on

In regards to functionality, is right there amongst the best sports update website out there. However, that’s not the only positive about this streaming site. Here are some of the many reasons why you should stream on

Great user interface

Unlike other streaming services that lack a graphical sense, just takes the visual appeal to a whole new level. The green, white, and black combination remind me of ‘One Football’ which right now is leading this particular segment. The menus and navigation options are great and the absence of intrusive ads contributes a lot to the user experience.

Stats & History

While stats are common on such sports update websites, the insights offered on are simply miles ahead. You get detailed information about every fixture along with the standings of teams in each league. This allows you to stay abreast of all the developments happening in your favorite league.


When you click on a particular fixture, you can access the chatbox. This feature can be found under the TV channels and official streams section. In order to use the chatbox, you’ll need to register. Think of it as a sports community or a social media for sports enthusiasts, except it’s not as advanced as Give Me Sports or Sportskeeda.

Live stream details

As mentioned earlier, doesn’t provide streaming links or content. It’s more of a news and updates website as compared to a streaming directory. What I like about this platform is that it provides you in-depth information about premium streams. For instance, when I clicked Chelsea vs Liverpool FA Cup fixture, it listed all the TV channels and premium stream networks where I can watch the match.

Fast website

Content and functionality is great. But all of that counts for nothing if the website speed is slow. With 6-seconds attention span looming on the heads of the developers, they try everything they can to improve the website speed. I was quite impressed with the page load speed and enjoyed navigating across the website.

How to access

You can easily access by searching for the keyword ‘’. Alternatively, you can use the following link: to access the website directly.


I really appreciate the intricacies of this website. The tiny design elements really elevate the overall aesthetics of the website. Especially the grey backdrop with a combination of dark and grey triangle give it a prism-like effect. The green and white color combination look similar to the one adopted by One Football. I like how there are black backgrounds in the primary and secondary headers as they add variation to the website.


The primary header on the website has three options: Adjustable Time zone, Login/Registration, and TV Channels. Towards the left, you can find the brand logo and under that, you can find nine different categories – Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, Handball, Fighting and Other.

Hero Section

The hero section on is quite straightforward. There are six main tabs – All Games, Live, Finished, Games on TV, Not Started and Selected. Under that you can find the different competition names on a green background, followed by the fixtures on a white background. Everything looks well-organized and thus, finding a fixture is not much of a hassle.


The body section continues the fixture list and you can see the fixtures from different sports in a horizontal placement. Under each banner, you’ll find one or more fixtures relating to a particular tournament. For instance, for today’s FA Cup competition, there are three fixtures: Chelsea vs Liverpool, West Brom vs Newcastle, and Reading vs Sheffield United.


The footer section on the website looks poor because of the black background and dark grey color. It lacks legibility and anyways doesn’t feature any navigation options.

Inner Pages

The inner pages of the website are really well-designed. Upon clicking any fixture, you’ll find a dedicated page that starts with the score at the center. The team names and their emblems on either side. Under that, you’ll find date and time followed by the Viewer’s prediction. Right under the scoreline, there’s a chat box that allows you to send text, emotes, hashtags and images.

The most intriguing part on the inner page was the navigation options above the chatbox. Apart from chatting, you can also check out different sections using the following tabs: Match Summary, Statistics, Commentary, Lineups, Standings, and H2H stats.


Most of the content on can be accessed by any user across the globe. However, if you want to use the chat feature, you’ll need to sign-up. As for the content prowess, you can get updates on all the major leagues from the most popular sports around the world. The simple, intuitive sorting, followed by an abundance of content ensures that you stick around for a long time.

Some of the sports that you can religiously follow on this website include Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, Handball, and Fighting. I generally use this website as an alternative to my One Football app especially when I’m busy working on my desktop.

Desktop/Mobile experience

If I could describe my browsing experience in one word, that would be ‘Wonderful’. From intuitive menus to in-depth content, exceeded my expectations on all fronts. The detailed list of TV channels and Official streams allowed me to share streaming details with my friends who live in other countries. For instance, one of my friends who had DAZN membership didn’t know that he could watch the FA Cup on DAZN 1 Bar HD and DAZN TV.

Suggestions I have for

The developers at have done a commendable job on this website. It’s a great website with in-depth content and great functionality. I have nothing but praise for the developers and I’m looking forward to the addition of news and featured articles section.


As a sports fanatic who wants to stay up-to-date with the major competitions and stats, this website is one of the best options out there. It’s so good that I’d recommend you to bookmark this website and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Likes & Hates:
Amazing user-interface
In-depth sports coverage
Well-designed inner page
No streaming links