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Finding a quality streaming website can be a tough task when you’re just starting out. However, people with streaming knowledge know about websites that offer much more than just live streams. In my years of streaming live sports content, I’ve come across quite a few gems that I shared with my friends and family. Today, for the first time, I’ll be sharing with you one of the most fascinating sports streaming websites –

Unlike VIPLeague, Viprow or Stream2watch, LiveSport is a lesser-known website that offers the best streaming experience. Based on my personal experience, LiveSport easily makes it into my top five free sports streaming websites on the internet. You can watch almost any popular sports event on this network without worrying about buffering and any lag.

For people who love to spend their time watching live streams without spending a dime, LiveSport is the platform that will satiate your desires. Each day, you’ll find new games with information and live streaming links which you can use to watch the game. Apart from the stream, you can also check out in-depth stats and learn about a particular team in detail.

What is LiveSport?

LiveSport is your ultimate source of sport streams providing you a plethora of live streaming events from around the world. Stream any popular event in HD quality without being redirected to a third-party website. LiveSport isn’t a directory but rather a full-fledged platform in itself. The best part about this streaming site is that you don’t need to register. Just choose the fixture you want to watch and start streaming right away.

Why should you stream on LiveSport?

LiveSport is one of my favorite platforms. However, I’m not letting my bias slip in. So, I’d share a few points that can help you understand why I love this streaming site so much.

Extensive Sports Coverage

You can watch sports events from different parts of the world. On LiveSport, you’ll find a variety of sports such as football, hockey, basketball, and baseball. The streaming network airs more than 60 sports tournaments from across the world which allows you to watch 1000+ live sports events in any given month. That’s not it, you can also find a lot of additional information such as live score, team line-up, and statistics which are updated in real-time.

Betting features

For punters interested in sports betting, you can check out the betting section. LiveSport appears to have a tie-up with Robobet which helps you check the odds on each fixture. Having such a handy tool is quite helpful for bettors who want to place a bet on a betting platform whilst going through the predictions and updates on this section.

Live streams

Initially, I thought that LiveSport is all about news updates and information based platforms like Opta or One Football. However, after browsing it for 10 minutes, I realized that it’s a hotbed of great content with a plethora of links to HD live streams. My 10-minute browsing session paid off when I started to stream sports matches on this website in HD quality. And at times, when the games weren’t that important but I wanted to stay updated, I relied on the real-time commentary.

Stats & Analysis

The content depth of a website can be understood by the amount of effort the developers put into the project. LiveSport is packed with crucial information that sports lovers seek from every website. Features such as league standings, match summary, prediction, pre and post-match coverage, goals ranking are some of the many databases that you’ll find on this streaming site.

Well-designed website

LiveSport in terms of design is extremely simple. Most of the time, simple websites with a no-nonsense approach appeal to a massive audience. Add to the fact that such websites are filled with data, there isn’t any room for trying something extravagant. The developers have kept things simple and that’s the reason why I feel that the website is well-designed.

How to access LiveSport?

You can access LiveSport in either of the two ways. First, you can search for the term ‘Livesport Stream’ in your search engine. Second, you can use the following link to access the content directly: When accessing the website, make sure that your VPN is active.


The clean and minimalistic design on the website goes a long way in improving the overall user experience. The blue/white/black color combination helps the site appear unique in comparison to other streaming sites. The website has well-divided sections which help the massive content to appear organized.


The header section of the website has a logo on the left followed by three icons – VK, Twitter and Instagram. Towards the right side, you can find the time, date, and profile section. The profile section can be used to sign-up and login. However, there’s no compulsion to do so. Under these options, there’s the secondary header which features options such as Football, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, American Football, and Sports Betting.

Hero Section

I really like the design approach in the hero section. There’s ‘Match of the Day’ section which highlights the biggest fixture of the day. Towards the right, you can find the recommended section which has four different matches. Under the main section, you have 8 different icons along with the filter option. Under those options, you can find all the fixtures that are going to take place today.


The body section is filled with the fixture list. Thus, you can keep scrolling and find the list of matches that are going to take place. For matches that are ongoing, you’ll be able to see the live results. There’s a proper column throughout this section with a small icon on the left followed by Date, Competition, and Team details.


The footer section on the website doesn’t have any navigation options. You’ll find the copyright mark with the following content – “Full or partial copying of materials is prohibited, upon agreed use of materials a direct link to the source is required’. This statement is hilarious given that this website doesn’t own the copyright to the streams on the network.

Inner Pages

The inner page design is quite an interesting one. Not only do you get an in-depth fixture detail but you also get the betting odds offered by different betting companies. Towards the left, you can find all the events taking place and on the right, you can choose different dates. Under the betting update, you also have social sharing buttons that you can use to share streams with your friends and family.


LiveSport is filled with quality content. For users who just want valuable information to viewers who want to stream live matches, LiveSport has something for everyone. The primary sports that you can find on this streaming site include Football, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, and American Football.

Other than learning about different competitions and watching live matches, users can also learn about betting odds on the website. There’s an in-depth guide for each fixture with streaming details and links to the source. As a viewer, you can make the most of the different options such as Preview, Line-ups, and Statistics to learn more about the opposing team. This can help you make the right decision when placing the bet.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I streamed LiveSport on my Asus Vivobook 15 and my Pixel 3a. I had a great time streaming on both these devices. There were little to no discrepancies on either device and after the initial load time, the stream played seamlessly without any hiccup.

As you know, I’m quite reluctant about streaming free on my mobile device as I can’t bear with the intrusive pop-ups. However, I didn’t face any issues on this website and even the mobile experience was top-notch.

Suggestions I have for LiveSport

I really like this free streaming website and much of that is because of the developer’s efforts to provide a seamless experience to the users. I don’t have any complaints or negative aspects that I could point out and that makes LiveSport one of my go-to-streaming sites.


For sports lovers seeking a comprehensive free streaming platform, LiveSport is one website that you cannot afford to sleep on. It provides the best streaming experience in addition to providing great features and functionality. It’s definitely worth checking out, you won’t regret it.

Likes & Hates:
Extensive Sports Coverage
Simple Design
Betting Odds
Quality streaming links
Mobile optimized
Match details might be empty until the last minute